Weekly Race Discussion

So this is basically a weekly discussion where we discuss troops from one sort of Race/Species every week. To possibly make some of them better, and make them fit better together in a team. This is mainly to give tips to the Devs. Feel free to join the discussion!

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They all need a rework with the exception of jarl… I see no use in them and jotnar needs buffing most of all… Hes a mythic fer cryin out loud

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I think dragon cruncher is fine as is too. The trolle need to be made more usefull like forest troll and dark troll.

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I think the trolls are fine - stat-wise and spell-wise. I generate enough extra turns with their spells. Especially when combining them with another creator.

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I think the Giants as whole do not do enough damage

My Giants range from 33 attack (Mythic fully traited and I am 1004th level) to 26 attack.

Reason is I think this is incorrect for Giants - is well FIRST they are Giants - BIG - Massive - Violent. Secondly look below to see who actually does more on attack?!

Slyph is a Stryx and does 38 as a Mythic fully traited
Archdruid does 36 as a Mythic fully traited
Hippogryph does 36 as a Mythic fully traited
Bonnie Rose, Maralith, Rowanne does 35 as a Mythic fully traited.

There is something wrong with Giants (without the Spell bonuses and such) when the most they have for an attack is 32? Littler and definitely more frail folk have higher attack.

Watching the Storm Giants in Lord of the Rings, the Mountain Giants, we’re talking serious collateral damage to anyone within the space of the fights.

All Giants should have an extra bonus to do collateral damage to adjacent troops.

Trolls - I like that they are mana makers - but Trolls EAT people. There should be a small percentage devour on all of them.

And then you have the GOD of Giants - and deal 32 damage divided among the troops based on number of yellow on the board


I’m perfectly fine waiting on some of the reworks and additions to address the giants. I think the team overall did a good job with the orcs in that manner. Many of them are viable outside of the race meta now.


I am up against orc teams in maybe 1 out of 50 PvP matches, Gar’Nok had a good rework, but sadly that was everything.

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If your basing all decisions on what troops are used and need empowered or nerfed based off of how often people set them defensively, your going about it wrong. This limits to seeing like 16 cards and its not that those 16 are op or even really effective. People are lazy and not creative. Many troops that did not see any playtime are more viable whether defensive, offensive or offensive situational.

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Not only about that, brutta. Also I wish Orcs was a good and fast team to use for endgame players, but battles takes 3 minutes and one more often lose than winning by going fully orcs. It should not be like this at all, going fully race teams should had some nice adventages too, but they are few.


Only thing is if there was a giant team that could be even a minor threat i would see it in pvp from time to time. Same goes for orcs.

I agree ppl are lazy but those that arent find and set the meta and those are the ppl who would find a use for giants if there was one and the lazy people would soon copy.

So seeing or not seeing troops in pvp is definitely a valid metric for a troops viability imho

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I don’t believe it to be a valid metric at all or at the least not one to be emphasized. The majority of cards still cannot be employed defensively because the ai plays them so poorly yet have a set purpose or even could be considered overpowered when used on offense. This is in part why the meta is slow to change.

To go back on topic:

Zephyrus rework is a huge card early game. It can’t be overstated.

Trolls are now the only reliable gem creators on PC/console and situational outperform transfer cards.

Titan class is very underated with its 50% starting mana

Again I’m perfectly fine waiting on the few holdouts that might get reworked who kinda suck yet should do to their base rarity as well as eventual additional giants added.


Allright @Gilgamesh you go ahead and use the giants im gonna stick to my dragons and lets see who has a higher win rate…

Jus’ sayin’

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I find it odd that Jotnar is only 1 that does True damage, hard to build teams like that. Outside of hero class i guess.


That is exactly the main problem with jotnar. He needs to do more damage, even if it is normal damage, increase his boost ratio from x5 to x10

Where did i go off topic? Im pretty sure my whole point was avout the viability of giants…

I feel like you are disagreeing with me just for the sake of doing so. If thats how its gonna be than my part in this discussion has reached its end

I wish Jotnar didnt deal true damage, but great damage to 2-3 troops, something like Ketras. Then we can start talking about Giants.

Some great points there! :slight_smile:

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Rock troll should get his knockout trait back. I’m still not sure if console trolls are the same as their PC brethren. They’re giants aren’t they?

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All trolls is giants and elements.

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