Weekly Event: Twisted Sister

Originally published at: Twisted Sister – Gems of War

She’s Not Gonna Take It!

New Troop: Sister of Shadows

Led by the much-feared Mother of Shadows, the Sisters of Shadows are a secretive group of assassins based upon the Isle of Darkstone.
Their temple-home is a tall building made of polished granite, decorated with a somewhat unnecessary number of skulls - if you don’t understand, simply by looking at it, that DANGEROUS THINGS live inside, then you probably deserve to be added to the decor.

The Sisters themselves are known to take contracts all over Krystara, from the far north, to the Orc-infested lands of Grosh-Nak. They do not rely on disguise, but rather on an almost magical ability to travel unseen through shadowy places.

New Legendary Troop: Magnus

Darkstone is home to many Alchemists, who can brew potions that do everything from making you forget the past, to making you remember an entirely DIFFERENT one!

None rival the knowledge and skill of Master Magnus though. It is said he is over 150 years old, sustained by potions made from the marrow of Elves. It’s difficult to know if this is true, as Magnus always wears his Plague Mask when in public.

Of late, Magnus has been toying with diseases both virulent and slow-acting, but his array of potions can also freeze, burn, web, poison, and even mark their targets for sudden death!
And today marks a special day - Magnus has emerged from his tower after a series of experiments with surprises for everyone!

Magnus will be available with Event Keys only this week, and will appear in other chest types after the usual period of 3-4 weeks.

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Magnus might be cool with scorpius he also make me think of the game spy vs spy :slight_smile:


Kingdom appearing on cards? Is that just for previews?

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I think its the new standard, also new cool rarity module on the cards.

Yes… we’ve modified the cards for version 3.3 so they show the kingdom.
You can also see the base rarity on any card at a glance… the small spiky bits on the stars up top will remain to show you the rarity the card started from.


I like the look of Magnus, he seems pretty fun. I especially like the random status effect.

As an aside, showing kingdom? Mint.

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Just a reminder that the kingdoms on cards won’t actually show until 3.3 goes live. This is just a preview of the new card layout.


But rarity will?

There are no changes to the way cards look going out with this week’s event. The changes will all be coming with 3.3.


I like the new card layout looks nice.

Arcane Dark TS?!?!?!? :grin::grin::grin::grin:
New Legendary looks nice. Might be able to finally use Plague on offense. :thinking:
My apologies to the devs for the people that are gonna cry about 2 Legendary Troops in a row.


3.3 still due for end of february? also any idea when you guys will be able to tell us more about the new modes?

i hope it doesn’t inflict silence too often :slight_smile:

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Ohhh a card that might take on Queen Mab…

Soon™ as always.


On all enemy troops or one?

I’m going to hazard a guess it’s on one. But maybe not.

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Nice!, I’m glad to see the Kingdom info making a return. I know there was a push to show off the art more prominently in the previous UI rework. You could easily move some of this information from the main Card to the traits subPage if art is still a concern.

Thanks for reading.


On paper, Magnus looks neat, better than a few of the recent mythics.

The wording on the 3rd trait is a bit vague. I wonder if it might hit an ally too?

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I really hope it’s only one cause if it’s everyone it might be a little OP especially in GW

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