Weekly Event: Mine Mine Mine

New Epic Troop: Limpet-bot

Limpet-bot will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time.

World Event: Mech Malfunction

There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event: Clockwork Sphinx, Tankbot 2000, P4-NTH4, DRACOS 1337, Carnex, and The Sparkinator. The battles are randomly chosen, but they all have an equal chance of appearing on the map.

You can find the following rewards for each of the different battles you may encounter.

  • Clockwork Sphinx: 5 Debris
  • Tankbot 2000: 2 Debris and 1 Lost Gear
  • P4-NTH4: 4 Debris and 1 Lost Gear
  • DRACOS 1337: 2 Debris and 2 Lost Gears
  • Carnex: 3 Debris and 2 Lost Gears
  • The Sparkinator: 5 Debris and 2 Lost Gears

Each Debris is worth 1 point, and each Lost Gear is worth 5 points. The battles will drop a variable number of Debris and Lost Gears (on average about 1.18x the base amount).

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Isn’t there also usually a new Campaign launch announcement post since this is the first day of the one tomorrow? I might be jumping the gun ahead of reset, but I thought that usually gave info on things like exclusive weapons/troops and new Heroic gem mechanics.


The last campaign also was the first, which had no End-Thread… :roll_eyes:

FWIW there was an end-of- campaign news post Campaign Ending: The Gobmother’s Orb – Gems of War but I don’t think it was ever posted here.

Does seem like we’re missing some start-of-new-campaign info: like, what’s a mine gem?

Here are the graphics to help you this week

Event Summary:

Average Tier Buy In per member to close all rewards is Tier 0 (~58 battles) :tada:

Reward Amounts:

Battles and Scoring:


Mine / Bomb Gems:



Infinity Plus Two has repeatedly been found to sell loot boxes missing the best items or containing them at significantly lower than advertised odds. They always deny this at first, deliberately spread misinformation and ultimately refuse to communicate further once enough proof has been presented. Avoid spending money on this event, you may receive something inferior to what you paid for, their support will just close and lock your compensation request.

For the most recent case of faulty loot boxes and how they were handled, see this thread and this summary .


27 My highest :sweat_smile:
The question is if you have at least 62 of them on the field then what?
Then you can’t combine anything


There are still matches you can make there. If you run out of moves completely, the board should be wiped, and all mana for both teams would be drained.