Weekly Event: Little Hunt on the Prairie

A new Predator arrives…

Awesome, he fits better in my wildfolk slayer lineup better then Atlanta dose.

Super mega ultra Hydra immanent. :wink:

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yall missing the fact its a red blue marauder, may not have the extra turn but it does fill the blue mana void in the marauder lineup, and should help deal with true shot windfolks too

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What do you mean? Lamia exists and already covers blue marauder and true shot lineups.

This new troop won’t have any effect on true shot builds other than people using centaur less compared to other true shots.

And for console we have Grave Knight troop, and Withering touch weapon. Grave knight is blue/purple, destroys targets armor, and deals a little damage(4 at level 15). Withering touch is blue, does 4 damage to first troop, drains their mana, and gains 6 life(with 5 magic on hero).

Wrong traitstone for glory pack this week.

The traitstone is correct.

Whelp went on a glory spending spree and can’t wait to see how my huuuuge Hydra works later on :wink:

Also tempted to buy a few more to have an empowered Lamia!

Hey folks,

The servers are currently experiencing some difficulties… it doesn’t seem to be anything to do with the event changeover , rather it actually seems to be our server provider (though we suspect Wild Fang may have run amok in the server farm looking for more Wildfolk to kill).

We’ve notified the server provider and they’re currently working to fix the problem

EDIT: Server issues have been fixed!

I think I’m not awake yet, what does this troop have to do with hydra?

The traitstone is R/B, the match for Hydra.

Ah. Is the hydra trait worthy?

Some are confirming a switch to beast traitstone

As far as legendaries go, the traits are pretty decent. Water Heart adds life to Hydra which makes his spell a bit more potent, I’m not sure how Jinx works, perhaps it works better in theory then practice. The Huge trait though is the big payday, having that is a perfect complement to Hydra’s spell.

I thought it should have been Arcane Beast as well given the theme is the Wild Plains Kingdom which is Green/Red.

Last week was FoT and the Arcane was Stealth (Green/Green) not that of the Legendary Gloom Leaf (which would have been Green/Red).

Perhaps in ‘weapon weeks’ it is the traitstone of the theme Kingdom and in ‘new troop’ weeks it is the traitstone which matches the new troop?

Oh yea, huge! Anyone know if it stacks per turn? I.e. You use a color changer and make a 3x 4 in a row, does it gain 6 life?

It only works once per single cascade, if you get several 4-5 matches simultaneously (i.e. Valkyrie activation) the ability just triggers once. Still a powerful trait though, otherwise it’ll be ridiculously powerful. It can trigger multiple times in a single turn though I believe, if you get a 4 match which then drops into another 4 match it’ll trigger for each one.

Finally; I’ve been sitting on mythic Anointed One since this whole traitstone mess started.

To clarify on a bunch of the above:

  • The traitstone for this week is correct. Troop weeks are based on troop; weapon weeks are based on kingdom. Every single event has fallen into this trend except for the initial event of each. I mentioned that in the other thread but forgot to post it here. @Namour
  • Huge/big stacks every instance within a turn except for multiple during a single cascade. This also makes Hydra the first troop in the game with an easily accessible huge trait. @Machiknight