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Weekly Event: Fortissmo

Noooooooooo! I need more double-colored weapons for my favorite mode, arena!

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Wow! This seems indicated that we would need a whole lots of souls , glory to catch up the trend.

BTW Question? Anyone ? Which troop need the Arcane light traistone ?

Maybe you should really consider releasing some sort of old weapon pack alongside the actual glory bundle each week. I myself have started playing only like two months ago and I am sure there are lot of people like me, who are missing vast majority of the old event-only weapons…

I mean theres a lot of event weapons and if you plan to use weekly events for new release the demand to introduce old weapons is only gonna go up.

For myself I have to say that I really hate games that have some sort of unobtainable collectibles… Its like ''Oh, you havent been playing since the beta? Oh, you missed last weeks event? I am sorry, brah, but you will never ever be able to get those special items, cause were bunch of douchebag devs who think having exclusive unobtainable items makes our game better somehow." Just please, dont let GoW become that kind of game. So far I am having a blast playing and stuff like that really spoils the fun.

Yes, you should release a staff of madness pack!

See this wonderful pictorial guide by @KAYA43V3R.

Yes to both of these things… we agree!
The plan is to release low-rarity troops on what was previously “weapon week” (the game needs more Commons & Ultra-Rares right now). On those weeks, we’ll also make previous event weapons available in the store for GLORY! Might even extend the weapon thing to ALL weeks to help the newer players… we’ll see.
Staff of Madness is coming soon, @Machiknight! We promise :slight_smile:


Does the happy “full collection” dance!

On a related note, please give Adana some love. It has been sitting at seven troops since forever. Rarity doesn’t matter. I’ve been playing since the Steam launch and have watched every other kingdom the game get augmented, except for my own. :frowning:

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Weeeee. You definitely know, how to make my day. Best news ever.

I…I love you. :revolving_hearts:

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Part of the reason Adana didn’t get another troop was we were trying after Tankbot 2000 to decide what would be the best troop to put there (At the time we could only do 8 troops; so this need more consideration). With recent changes to the number of troops we can add to a kingdom (Gob-chomper being Broken Spires 9th Troop), we can now be a bit more flexible with troop design.

So the short answer is there is an Adana troop in the works. No ETA on exactly when it well be released in game though.


How about a Gundam? :grinning:
With a new Trait: Pilot-able: If the Hero is in the team, Hero gains +X buff to armor and attack at start of battle.

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Now, this sounds interesting. Will those low-rarity troops also make an appearance in the arena? Or are they going to be handled like the Goblin Rocket?

I actually love Weapons and I’m always excited when there’s a new one released, especially a great, two-color one like Crescendo! I can understand some people would be disappointed when the new item is a Weapon if they don’t care for the Arena, but please don’t forget us Arena fanatics and our unquenchable thirst for Weapons! =)

Alright, this actually makes up for the lack of new Weapons for a few months, since these will be new troops for the Arena! :sunglasses:

Even though I’ve just double-checked and I’m happy to confirm that I now own all 124 Weapons in existence (:heart_eyes:!), I’m fully supportive of this news, for those who are missing out on some past ones, especially fantastic stuff like the Staff of Madness. Having missed out on Sun & Moon for what felt like a million years before it was made available again, I can definitely relate. =)

Edit: On a related note, I hope the practical Weapons menu will be added to the Arena in 1.0.9 (or soon-ish). I didn’t realize there were that many before actually counting them today, but no wonder it’s so hard to find the one I’m looking for in the current unsorted, unsearchable interface. ^^

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perfect, announce the weapon as 9 true damage, then switch to 6 true damage saying that now was right, I thought, okay, 6 with +2 magic that I had been 8 true damage, alas when I see later is 5 true damage, already counting on my 2 bonus magic kingdom for having two to level 10, and arena mode is only 4 true damage

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I am only speculating, but I believe the weapon is likely balanced around the coming hero update. I agree that I was annoyed buying it saying 9 true damage, and then have it drop to a level where I won’t play it. Realistically, I would have bought it anyway because I’m a collector.

Experienced players should have seen that first screenshot and figured it had to be a typo…

It looked pretty god. Finally something in line with making the hero worth considering. Then turns out it’s 5 area TD for 14 and gets 1 more every 2 activations? While little better than the old obsolete weapons still pretty far from being considerable.

And it is planned for further nerf on the update?

It did look pretty Godlike!

To be fair, I’d still use it in the arena rather than any of the other AoE weapons.
True damage AoE? Self-gathering magic? Possible extra turn? How about, umm… Yes!