Weekly Event: Flame On!


Flame on with the Salamander this week, and check out new balance changes!
Full details >> http://bit.ly/1NM0Fxd


I really like the look of that troop, it looks awesome. And new effects are always welcome. :slight_smile:


Very tempted to make a “BURNINATOR” team with 4 Salamanders as defence… :fire:


I think all the gem creation troops could lose 1or 2 magic every time it cast its spells in a chain, to keep the fun. Now the nerf makes them no fun at all!


Elemental Pridelands troop, eh? Glad to see that the kingdom changes have reduced restrictions on troop creation, this should improve the lack of options for troop type/kingdom bonuses as time goes on.

Looking forward to it!

Burn, baby, burn!


So, poison has a 50% chance of doing 1 true damage per turn, and burn does 3 damage every turn? I don’t think any troops have 6x more defense(armor+life) than they do life. Either burn is too strong, or poison is weak, and I can’t tell which.


Likely a little of both.
Poison should work 75% of the time, while burn could stand to be reduced to 2 damage per turn.


.75 to 2 sounds like a good ratio.


There is a bug now.
All troops get +1 ATK instead of +1 MAGIC.
Please fix that bug.


Agree it sounds too strong at a first view - can Burn wear off? @Sirrian @Nimhain?


Glad to see the balance changes.


Yes, it can wear off like all other effects, except poison.
However, you can’t really look at Burn and Poison in isolation… (if you DO that Burn is OBVIOUSLY better). The stronger effect of Burn gets taken into account in both the mana cost & any other spell effects that go along with it.

On average (under perfect conditions) burn will deal 11 (10.96) points of damage, given the cumulative chance of 10% to wear off. In practice the troop may hit 1 life point or be killed before the burn deals its full effect, so it’s not going to average 11 points out in the wild, I would guess it will probably average closer to 7-8 points, which is what we’re balancing on.

Burn is still a little stronger than Poison
Patch 1.0.9 Arrives!

So… the troop is not even released yet and people are already asking for a nerf? Why am I not even surprised?..


If it can wear off then I think it’s fine - wasn’t asking for a ‘nerf’, just a clarification as it wasn’t clear (to me, sorry if I missed it).

If it didn’t wear off, then I’d share the suggestions from others that it seemed very strong compared to the poison effect - but only one troop can cause it at the moment, and poison skills sometimes do other things, so it’s probably not fair to compare status effects to each other in isolation.


Hi @zqxinran
Regarding that troop-stat bug. We think it is a display issue only, when selecting a troop from the troop panel. I’ve added some images below to show where it’s happening & what the correct values for my test account should be, and they are displaying correctly once I reach the combat.

We’ve actually fixed that one here already, but sadly it will have to wait for the 1.0.8 update for our players to see it fixed.


In which case it’s perfectly fine. I was mainly concerned with the obviously better damage output compared to poison, which is the first thing you’d compare it to at first glance. And considering it made no mention of wearing off in the news post, my mind jumped to conclusions.

I will from hence forth assume all added spell effects wear off of unless stated otherwise, keeping doing awesome work!


The new weapon, Eternal Flame, pairs nicely with my Summer Imps (use yellow to do damage, make red gems) and Alchemist (use red to make a color yellow). Find a spot that red would make a run of 4, convert it (and get extra reds), red mana feeds Alchemist to create run of 4 yellow, which feeds Flame… Builds plenty of extra yellow to fire off the imps and hope the reds they make keep the turn going


All true, except for the part where you’re calling it new.


Be nice… :smile:


I just started about a month ago, everything is new to me :wink: