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Week of... Teams

So I was planning on doing something like this last night, and decided to sleep on it, and saw the patch notes this morning had beaten me to the idea… So I figure we might as well have somewhere to share all our best “Week of…” team.

This week:

Week of Humankind
All Humans gain +25% to their skills.

Week of Darkstone
All Darkstone troops gain +25% to skills.

Bonus points if you can make a team that uses both!

Also the Feed the Hag event requires you to beat Undead teams in PVP, so if people have good Undead defense teams, feel free to post them as well.

Week of Darkstone
Corrupt Sorceress
Sea Troll

Undead Banner

Not sure how well this team will actually do, but it was the best I could come up with that used only Darkstone. One possible change would be removing Sea Troll for a purple generator, focusing more on filling Sorceress as well, rather than just Psion.

Week of Humankind
Knight Coronet
Anointed One
Queen Ysabelle

Frozen Banner

Doesn’t really have a mana generator is the main downside of this one… I don’t have QY so I can’t actually test this one in practice, just a theory around QYs ability and using Luther and AO to get higher numbers.

I cobbled together a team of 4 undead for the Frag The Hag portion of the events. Everyone can thank me later 'cause I’m such a team player :wink:


I did the same thing lol :slight_smile:

I went the Undead way, to give PvP players the ability to grab the undead killing tokens.

Bone Dragon (Just to troll)
Necromancer (Hero)

If anyone notices, please let me know that the Necromancer is correctly giving the +1 token, or I’ll swap it for some other undead.

I can give it a try if you’re online at the moment? Is your ingame name the same as your forum?

It is Esox, however @ogunther happened to toss a screenshot up. It shows that the Necromancer Class Set as Undead does not give a token, so I’ll be switching up the 4th slot.


Haha! Thxs for the battle and the gems, @Esoxnepa! :smiley:

Heh I’m using on my D Team:

Bone Dragon
Undead Necromancer with Sun & Moon

My undead defense team:

Flesh Golem
Crimson Bat
Keeper of Souls
Twisted Hero

Abyssal Banner

My team before it starts playing. Side note, they are all under level 6. Thisis the first turn too.

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I got to bring back my favorite team that basically got me to 250th level

Crude Club

Center and Gorgon feed the team
and Archon does double skull damage to undead :wink:

I might replace Gorgon with one of the Skull makers…but right now I am happy and having fun with the Frag the Hag

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Anointed One


Anointed One
Anointed One



Needs more Courage.

Anointed One
Bone Dragon
Shadow Dragon

Desert Banner

25+ life/attack on cast isn’t enough, even with fast. Gotta have 3 life/attack on skull hit as well. /s

try Thrall for mana generator in a team that doesnt rely damage on purple mana

after event buff he picks insane amount of gems for silly cheap mana