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Web of Shadows

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/web-of-shadows/

New Ultra-Rare Troop: Night Spider The Night Spider will be available this week for 300 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. New Weapon: The Nightfall Dagger This week it will be available in both the Event shop, and…

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It is possible to reach > 2534 (76000/30) points with 72 battles (Tier 2 can reach 75 battles).
Tier 3 shop buy (81-85 battles) virtually guarantees fair guild share.
For each person buying Tier 4 for the weapon, another can stay on Tier 0 (and the guild should still reach max rewards).

Go with “highest rarity”, or for flavour, “always Matron, then highest rarity”. Outcome should be similar after ~94 battles.

  • [Common] Night Spider: 3 Ritual Scrolls [15-45 pts, avg 17.7]
  • [Ultra-Rare] Deep Huntsman: 3 Ritual Scrolls [15-45 pts, avg 17.7]
  • [Epic] Deep Magus: 4 Ritual Scrolls [20-60 pts, avg 23.6]
  • [Legendary] Matron Velenne: 5 Ritual Scrolls [25-75 pts + 5-15 points per encounter**]
  • [Mythic] Arachnaean Weaver: 8 Ritual Scrolls [40-120 pts, avg 47.2]

** Matron Velenne
1st encounter - 25-75 (strictly - 25, 35, 50 or 75)
2nd encounter - 30-90 (strictly - 30, 40, 60 or 90) because rounding of scrolls
3rd encounter - 35-105 (strictly - 35, 50, 70, or 105)

You might say it is novel, since the scaling on the Legendary in conjunction with variable drop rate across the board (avg 1.18x) hasn’t been mixed together before. :man_shrugging:


How do we know the extra scrolls for matron is not cumulative?

The way I am understanding the scoring is that it is preferable to pick Matron Velenne instead of Arachnaean Weaver if both are choices, since the Velenne battles will continue to scale the number of scrolls given each time? Arachnaean Weaver will always give a base 8 scrolls.

tl;dr - For brevity, “highest rarity” is likely as good as any advice.

AFAIK the “random chance to appear” is true only in seeding the map, we are all playing to the same pre-seeded map. So the answer to that question depends on two things

  • What is the expected shop tier to buy into [requirements aside, let’s say Tier 4 due to weapon]
  • What is the ratio between Arachnaean Weaver and Matron Velenne up to that shop tier

This assumes that as you go around trying to make the best choice, it will lead at times to map states where all 4 or 5 choices end up being the same least desirable troop/s (so your smart choices amounted to nothing). So if you really had to choose between the two, it would really only affect maybe battles at the end of your sigils, say 80-86 and only if both appear. By that time I’d personally just figure out which gave me more points right there and then.

Nov 2 was a Tier 1 guild requirement but had a weapon (Mystery Egg), so at Tier 4 buy-in, most should end up with 21 Nocturnia [best] vs 8 Shadow Dragon [2nd best]. At 8 appearances, the average value of Nocturnia and Shadow Dragon is roughly tied (if they followed the current scaling for #2 to surpass #1 at battle 5). I had no Shadow Dragons to even choose between battles 67 and 86.


Is Web of Shadows the name of the new Campaign? What are the rewards?

Web of Shadows is the name of the Weekly event.
The World Event name is “Nightfall”.
And the Campaign name is Phoenix Stone.
We are gonna know its rewards only tomorrow.
yes, I’m #curious.


Phoenix Stone. OK, thanks. :slight_smile:

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This right here is the worst part about world events. All battles should refresh after every 5 battles or something.

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Mm – you really only need to know which battles give the least points, and leave those on the map (in terms of scoring optimum points). By that stage, you’ll never have a choice between Arach and Matron, only the low-scoring Night Spider/Deep Huntsman and something better.

E.g., here you would just pick whichever battle isn’t a War Sphinx (unless of course they all are), and so you’re basically just rotating out one slot:

I actually tend to adopt a similar approach to Starlite, at least as long as I don’t think it will make my guild worry that I’ve gone crazy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::

By taking all of the easiest battles earlier on, you can end up with a full map of lower level Mythic battles (which should supposedly be harder, but more importantly level up a lot more quickly).

Then, as you approach the end of your Sigils or your Guild approaches the last reward, you can switch to always avoiding the lowest-scoring battle.

This kind of min-maxing really only makes a difference if you think you’ll have trouble beating the higher-level battles, though, which isn’t really the case for a lot of forum players (but might be for their lower-levelled guildies). It’s also only temporary/limited to the 4 battles you can store on the map, so at most lets you play a battle 4 level progressions lower than you would otherwise.

I really only do it at the start, now, because it can be kind of fun one-shotting 5-6 Mythic battles in a row :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and I don’t want confuse people.


The battlecrashers this week give 500 gold instead of 5 glory, which is announced in the game. :man_facepalming:t2:


Best Troop type restriction ever, 1 mythic and 2 legends in the pool.
I really can’t find words to describe that.


There was, at some point in the distant past, a Zhul’Kari class event where there were five troops available for use. None of which were mythic or legendary. I skipped that day.


I appreciate the 3 day adventure board this week. Huzzah.

Yeah that’s usually bad but surprisingly this week’s new troop makes up for it a bit. In an all rogue team, Night Spider fills the board with lots of blues and purples. Haven’t really had any trouble with the battles yet.

Mythics and Legends don’t hold a candle to boosts off enemy armor and/or life, for which this week has one (Shadow-Hunter).

Life is normally higher than armour, and at 3:1 of ALL enemy life, +160% Medal from Tier 4 buy (new weapon), that thing hits like a truck.
When you’re down to the last enemy, 1/3 of their life x 260% plus your {magic} level is still almost a one-shot.

Even new players in a cooperative guild can buy to shop Tier 2 and easily work up to Stage 8 rewards for 1 Medal. Enchantment potion will get 2 Shadow Hunters ready in no time.


I’m not sure why every campaign isn’t +bonus to skulls & spells … even if skulls aren’t really viable (lack of troops, etc.) in any given week; simply seems easier to code and gives people the illusion that there is a choice of how to complete the event.


Yeah, if they’re not going to actually make these event medals dynamic or unique in any way, at the very least don’t hamper them so that we’re restricted even further in our “choices”

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As someone new to these events, is solely rarity what I should be focusing on for battle choice, or does battle level somehow factor in as well?

It changes arbitrarily every week, in a way that’s intended to be confusing as possible. The scoring writeups can be several paragraphs long.

You generally want to pick the highest rarity battle, often with one or two exceptions. This week, it looks like only one battle’s rewards scale with level, so that battle will quickly become the best one by far.

Since the battles don’t refresh during this week’s event, it doesn’t really matter. You’ll quickly dead end at 5 ultra-rare battles on the map, and will play one, then play whatever higher rarity repopulates.

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