Weapons too inaccessible

Now that we have Heroes Classes elder players have a big advantage with no possible recourse for newer players. In 108, when Heroes were relatively unused, we could always hope the chest drops were favorable, and even pay to catch up, but that isn’t the case with weapons. We simply cannot get many of the weapons, and many more of them require grinding to insanely high levels to unlock them via masteries (e.g., Eternal Flame, Sheggra’s Heart, etc.). Elder players, on the other hand, had easy access via the weekly Rewards packs whenever these weapons were introduced.

I get that longevity should translate into benefits, but there needs to be a better way to acquire weapons than grinding to level 250 over the course of months to get some of them. I’m not sure what the solution is, but it’s very frustrating seeing people talk about how great all these different weapons synergize with different Hero Classes and to have no possible way to get them (either ever, or in the next 1-2 months). Maybe a new chest, or incorporating them into existing chests? Maybe two Rewards packs, one with a new troop and one with an old weapon, for a while?


You’re not entirely wrong.

Level 250 isn’t insanely high. Level 500 or 600 or 1000 is insanely high. Which is why its a good thing nothing is quite so unreachable.

But there definitely should be some more weapon bundles alongside the weekly troops, or something. Things like Sun & Moon and Eternal Flame are still extremely powerful.

They do need to bring back the options to purchase previously released weapons like we had in 1.0.7

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Note that Eternal Flame does not scale with magic anymore, so the Class bonus for that weapon color is irrelevant.

If you’re generating yellow mana and want to make red mana, it’s still da bomb.

THey had plans to do the weapons and some troops alternating and then the new areas and patches and filling out the existing kingdoms (so the could be 5 star) got in the way. I expect over the next month or so to start seeing them again. (just a guess).

Sure, it’s relative, but here’s some perspective:

I’m an active player, with both the Dragon & Celestial Armor, and VIP 3, and I play on Hard. I bought the Starter Pack at the outset and have been playing Hard for most of my GoW life. I started in September or October of last year and then my play ramped up in Nov/Dec and has been pretty steady since. I’m currently level 129. That puts me a little over halfway to +40 for all masteries. I’d guess it will take another 2 months to get there.

All in all, 6 months of daily play at 1.8x XP to get some of them, and no other options.

Ok, I am probably putting this in the wrong place, but I am unable to change my hero’s weapon. I have tons of weapons, but I get no prompt to change it. Also how in the world do you make new teams, I can’t change anything. Please help. Thanks

the 150 mark is really the hardest one… i jumped fairly fast after that. i watch a movie on one screen and play GoW on the other…

but truly i think that missing the first 600 lvls with trait stones and ascension is putting me at a disadvantage with you. Yeah my hero has a bunch of weapons and i have more kingdoms BUT i have, count it, 1 mythic and i dont even use it (i bought 6 of it with glory). i dont have many traits because of lack of trait stones. I can hit, while you, my friend can do extra COOOL stuff :slight_smile:

I think it’s the folks that started at 108 that benefited long-term when it comes to Mythics/Traitstones. I have 0 Mythics and almost none with the third Trait unlocked b/c I had all of the Kingdom quests done and was disenchanting all of my dupes before 108. I actually think I got the worst of both worlds with my timing: I wasn’t far enough along to have a lot of resources but was too far along to benefit from the 108 changes.

And now only needing 3 Troops definitely benefits elder players since Heroes are less resource-intensive than Troops and yall got them sweet Weapons I can’t get even if I tried.

You guys know it’s not LEVEL 250, its after 250 victories in a class that the weapon unlocks…

I think they’re saying having enough hero gem masteries to unlock the “free” weapons, thus the need for ~250 hero levels.

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have not seen anything impossible to get in this game, just requires lots of work. and that’s the way it should be. If it all came super easy game would not be as it is - a great game

Yes, exactly. I realize we have equal access to the Hero Class weapon. The issue is that we newer players (a) are completely unable to get many of the best weapons and (b) to the extent we are it requires us to get to ~250 in hero level, which takes months and months of grinding. This puts us at an even bigger disadvantage than we already were, and it’s one that we straight up cannot overcome.

Thus asking that there be some system/plan in place to make these available, be it through a new chest or the weekly rewards having two bundles (one with a new troop and one with an old weapon), or some other means.

Ah, I gotcha. Well yes, I can see how that would be frustrating.

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The new armor that’s in the shop right now can and will be only obtainable by money. So there you go, 1 thing.

yeah nothing to be happy about there. should be able to get it with hard work and not only cash money

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While I agree with you in principle, it doesn’t hold in this specific case. Many weapons are “Only obtained from special events”, i.e., they were offered in the weekly Rewards section of the store months ago and are not available via any other means. You literally can’t grind or pay for ~35 weapons and these are all of the best weapons in the game (with the exception of Sheggra’s Heart and Prismatic Orb).

This was an issue before given the popularity of Sheggra’s Heart and Prismatic Orb in past versions, but 4-Troop builds were so common/viable that it wasn’t a huge deal. Now with the Hero being arguably the strongest unit in the game, it matters quite a bit.

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and a possible refund on previous armors. like they did with nerf’d troops

So to sum that up: In your opinion it takes super far too long to get to level 250 to unlock some of the better weapons, everyone who plays the game from the very first day it exists already has them, you want em without getting to level 250 first, even though level 250 is only a quarter of the max level the people with the weapons achieved by playing the game for a far longer time than you. Makes total sense… not.

Sry pal, keep on playin, get to a higher level and unlock weapons and so on - just like every other player that unlocked those weapons did before you. It’s not like higher level players have been handed every weapon, troop, souls, gold, keys and xp when the game was released.

yes, we all had same problem at one point. guess the new hero changes does make it even more so