We were all socked by these two lucky guy 1500 battle only lose 1 or 3

we found two amazing people
1500 battle only lose 1 or 3?
i dont think is luck
even we pvp with team score only 7000 still have a chance to lose
and our two menber were banned
if they were cheated? please give us proof
if someone said that your battle speed was to fast,and we thik you are cheated!! please look at this
15 second for one battle with Firebringer

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Sorry, I flagged this before realising you’d blurred the names. It probably needs more blurring, to be honest.

Regardless, the best course of action is to report any players suspected of cheating to the Devs, and for your players to submit an appeal if they feel they were unfairly banned.

If the appeal was unsuccessful despite insurmountable evidence proving beyond reasonable doubt that no cheating took place, it might then be of interest to the community, but you’d still have to respect the Community Guidelines (e.g. no sharing Support responses or PMs).

I don’t think this thread would yield any valuable discussion, and there have been several like it before.

Best of luck!


blurring all right

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Hey,I know these two guys and I tried to report them to devs for many times but it’s not useful!! I don’t think they won their battles in a normal way,we can see these two guys’ favorite armies are Dimetraxia and mosquito, if someone told you he bought Apple for a hundred dollars,can you believe him?I think the answer will be “NO”.

I never understood the need to blur out cheaters names :thinking:

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Innocent until proven guilty


This is the link to appeal a ban:


This is the link to report a player:



Once again, since last thread is gone.

Care explaining how is Zuul Goth starts with full mana?

That’s basically impossible with his huge mana cost and he being Boss-type of troop (so nothing with 50% mana start). No looping supports on the team either. Fireballs on the opposing turn. A turn 1 loop that would have filled Zuul would have damaged the first fireball anyway, at least armor-wise.

So the only possible way to get a full mana Zuul is a hacked/modified client.

And you still wonder why banned?🤷🤷🤷 :rofl::rofl:

I see a fully-traited Leprechaun with less than full mana! I don’t think it’s the start of the battle – a Leprechaun cast with Sunspear(‘Firebringer’)'s Firestorm filling Zuul from cascades or subsequent matches whilst keeping the turn is the most likely explanation, I think.

It did! Good pick. If you look closely(?) at the start of the gif you can see the first Fire Bomb’s Armor value is orange, rather than white like the rest of the stats.

Kind of irrelevant to the main thread of the topic, though, I think. Explaining the gif obviously doesn’t prove they didn’t cheat, either.


ok lets see how fast can zuul win
two video enough? if not enough ,i can make more

Let’s not forget this BelethS once said
Don’t take his words seriously.


you need proof ,i gave you froof, the most powerful team for all,with one hit to kill all, i can win 50+ times in an hour,so our member pvp with same team,just for he was too fast to be banned?

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@bbqq What platform is this (e.g. is it an emulator?)? What’s the little, white dot that shows up whenever a click/touch is registered?

Whenever I record a video with my iPad it looks the same, the white dot shows where your finger touched the screen, since there’s no mouse… I assume they were recorded on a mobile device.


yes record by mobile

My bad, didn’t saw the leprechaun first.

And I still stand for that. I don’t consider every change (on plus or in minus) to ammount to being a fully fledged nerf. I’d rather say that Ubastet and Infernus have simply been brought (back) in line with the other existent mythics.

For example, the DE change have clearly been a nerf, as it took a fully functional mythic-class weapon and slaughtered it at least 1-2 rarity tiers down (in performance and power).

Infernus and Ubastet have been adjustements. They’re still strong and worth the name mythic.

Nerf would have been to degrade them (stat/power/skillwise) to the average purple tier troop’s level.

At first I wanted to argue with this but it would’ve been pretty dumb. The part of what you’re saying I agree with is sort of paraphrased, “As long as after the change the troop/weapon is at least this powerful, it’s not a nerf.” The part we don’t agree about is where “this” lies on the power line, but for DE in particular that’s a really tricky thing to define.

Plus it looks like maybe they were just trying to say none of your opinions matter because one time a long time ago you said one adjustment wasn’t a nerf. That’s a garbage opinion. I don’t really understand how this thread got from “these guys are suspicious” to the Ziggy discussion, though.

However we got here, the thread is a lot less likely to get delisted than if it had stayed on-topic.

Here is the team as best as I could create.


My Sunspear is not fully leveled up in Champion levels.
My base stats for the troops are slightly less then his at the start of the matches.
I had one 1 trophy match that went quickly, the others nowhere near as fast. Zuul rarely filled up on one Leprachaun cast, if that does not happen you are in for much longer game typically.

I am trying 3 trophy matches next, without refreshing the team to see how it goes.

disclaimer: I am certainly not the best/fastest player out there, I just want to see the viability of this team that somehow can get 1500 matches with only a few losses.

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