We heard you like Gnomez?

this is why im am so concerned and i would like answer from the dev about that, it will rassure me to know it before the event start


Supposedly we will find Vault Keys more easily too from what i recall. But with all things that happened this week i think @Sirrian and the devs should give everyone one Vault Key. This way everyone will have fun together (but apart :wink: ).


I really hope you are right! Thanks for reassuring words! :grin:

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Nothing suggests that the rewards from a vault key will change during the event. If you people start believing in this, you’ll get disappointed.


exactly they just said the gnome and key drop rate will be better this is why i think the vault rewards are the same and if that the case they need to fix it please


Take a look at what Sirrian said on the Patch Notes, the bold part specifically:

As you can see the spawn rate and drops are INTENDED to be increased and that was all based on the old spawn and drop rates (low spawn+better rewards). So why wouldn’t they do it now? Because you think your disbelief is more accurate than what was wrote on the patch notes?

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Not my desbelief, but because they did not adjust the patch notes after the fact. That’s when my desbelief enters: that they nerfed everything, and you are going to end up with 2 minors, 3 celestials and 400 souls.


Which part of what you bolded states the actual vault drops will be better?

I see that as:

  1. More Gnomes
  2. More Vault Keys

Doesn’t promise anything else, not even a hug from Gargantaur.


That would be one unwelcomed hug anyway.


Because their original plan about the Vault Event don’t need to be affected by the changes made to gnomes regularly appearing outside the event. It makes no sense to change the event, they can follow what was already planned and everyone will (?) be happy.

And that’s the thing, my expectatives are based on what was advertised, @raphael (and maybe you?) have baseless expectatives. One of us will be wrong, and i’m fine if that’s me. Because i have no shame for being wrong if there was a reason to believe in some outcome…

And if i’m wrong, if the event doesn’t reflects what was promised, then, we’ll have a lot to speak and discuss with the devs…

But until then, there is no reason to be so negative, it serves no purppose.

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Really? Because with the screenshots some people posted they could easily pay for tier 3. How would any additional gem income not help cover costs? Just like the gems i won with my vault key will help cover the cost of my guild wars sentinals. Point being, with the economy now, every little bit helps. Foolish is thinking it would cover the whole cost to tier 7, reality is that if i knew gnome vault rewards would be better i may have justified going to tier 7 instead of 4 as i would have made up a small portion of it with the amount i play.


You mean the screenshots where the gnomes were spawning like they are now but still with the high rewards attached? The spawn rate the devs clearly stated was unintentional and reverted into an “almost non-existent”? Honestly, think about what you are claiming… You can’t possibly justify these rewards with a spawn rate so low… In 300 battles people didn’t found a single gnome… And the ones who found one still obtained 20 or 50K of gold most of the time… And what if the little rascal run away? It was a recipe for disaster…

Again, i expect the Vault Events to be as good as promised, and i hope you and everyone enjoy it. If it’s not… Well… that’ll be a busy Friday and maybe weekend on these forums for us…

We don’t owe anything to each other, but i honestly suggest a more neutral and reasonable mood to allow proper discussions if these are needed to take place.

If you and others, can honestly say to me, that at some point in your life having negative expectatives were really helpful while dealing with the exact outcome you predicted, with no excess or decisions you regreted later, then by all means, feel free to stay negative.

Otherwise, i think it’s safer to remain calm, skeptical is ok but still calm, and wait for it. Sounds good enough? :slightly_smiling_face:


I think everyone is calm i just want to prevent the storm coming this friday if it’s the true :slight_smile:

It’s better to talk about it now and maybe get some input from the dev and MAYBE some correction will be made before the event, then wait when the storm hit us


They promised spawn rates, not better vault rewards. And in another thread the whole “was it really a mistake” issue was discussed so i won’t even get into that.

It’s not negative, it’s realistic based on observations of past behavior. And i’ll take that over blind optimism any day of the week. That’s how you set yourself up for disappointment. Like with reset this week, i didn’t bother to stay up in excited anticipation because looking back on last week and quite a few other weeks there were server issues that would hinder me from playing, and if i did that, i would’ve been upset. Instead i woke up early to check out the new modes, saw there were still server issues, got a chuckle and shrugged thinking “figures, the usual”, and went about my day until i saw on the forums the issues were fixed. Realism with a side of pessimism trumps optimism with a side of naivete.

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I dare to say: “It depends.” But i won’t bother you about this matter anymore. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@ivar if we are right you will be piss but if you are right we will be happy :slight_smile:

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Depends on the person, absolutely. Just what’s kept me sane the past 15 years :slight_smile:

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It’s not about that Ricky… I’ll take what VenusBlue said:

If we could grind the entire universe down into atoms we wouldn’t find a single atom of kindness, honesty, love, violence, hate and others… That’s reality, these don’t exist and yet they exist. Paradoxal huh? Why they exist? Because people believe in such things, and believing is the first step to make something real by practicing it. (This is a line of thought based on the Hogfather from Terry Pratchett’s)

It’s ok, for me, if you don’t share my optmism, but it’s optmism that drives people into challenging the reality. :slightly_smiling_face:

Beware @Sirrian, i’m more optmistic than what you weighs in long tailed chinchilas! :rofl:

@ivar on another note do you know how many damages required for each level? i missed the first ones

Of the Raid Boss i assume. No, i’ll see in my guild if anyone can provide numbers and then i’ll return to you via PM if/when i get some response.

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