We have troops Defecting

I hit this cacti so hard he defected to my team lmao

had to kill him

never seen that glitch before


Saguaro, since it’s release, has been doing that for some reason.

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Forgot to add that one to known issues - done! This happened to me on Stream!

QA team is looking into this issue. Was Saguaro Entangled before attacking with skull damage? What Traits does your Hero have on it?


No he wasnt entangled.
my hero is using titan class lvl 100 talents

Aw, he’s just giving you a hug.

Issue might be caused by the Impact talent. It stuns the attacker, which possibly interferes with the processing sequence of the third talent of Saguaro.

This has been a frequent bug since The Calamity happened and all of the art to the game was lost. It’s just one of the bugs of “The Unity Engine which is totally better” that no one understands or can fix.

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3/3. :clap::clap::clap:

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Same thing happened to me. The animation stuck and while I couldn’t move anything behind it, the AI sure could.

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Brand new games in the Alpha stage have these kinds of issues. Give 'em some time, folks. :roll_eyes: