We did not receive the 400 gold bonus

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
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How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
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I do not feel like filling out any form or taking pictures
it’s been 11 hours since the reset, if they played their own game they would have seen it and they would have fixed it
we did not receive the 400 gold bonus for using the lapina explorer

to the glory that we are losing by not seeing the revenge now we have to add the gold that we are losing
Will there be a week that we do not take something away?

what game mode are you playing and not receiving bonus gold?

PVP and PcPV.
In exploring if it gives

oh I see, it says it’s giving it only in PVP, but actually it gives it only in Explore
and it’s not newer 400 gold with a troop icon, it just adds the value

without the troop

and with

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Or the fault is here

yup, they prob forgot to change that part of the text from last week.


that happens occasionally

Looking good here

Well that’s good to know… I guess it’s time to throw her in my Explore team for the week

The 400 gold sounds good on paper but this glory troop (like so many before it) is pretty weak and may well compromise your 3 tier team into many defeats. This means its inclusion is negative economy.

Hey this will be fixed today.

The bonus will include both PVP and explore

sorry about that!