"We are One" #380 - looking for one active player-20000 seals every week

Our guild is level 50-rank about 900(140%gold bonus) and climbing.
We are active and we would like to join better rank positions.
No gold/trophy/seals requirement but a constant contribution and daily play will be appreciated
Each actual player is donating weekly average 250k /1000 seals/300 trophies so the guild is improving quickly. 20000+ seals reached every week.
We are looking for 1 player to be full.
If you are interested please post below your invitation code

if you are interested you can join our guild.
We are not too hardcore and we will not kick you out in case you will be inactive for a period, but we are a climbing guild.
Let me know…

if you need a guil we will be happy to have with us!!

I’m interested to join in your guild.
My lvl is 296, and contributions are not a problem. I’m thankful that your guild isn’t being too hard core, i was kicked from last guild for not contributing 350k but rather around 330k…
If you want me my invite code is EVILHOMER_1

Sure I will join

I invited you

i’ve sent you an invite just now.
Hope you will join!!

We are not hardcore guild! We are trying to make our best but playing is for fun and not a work!!

we are now top 700 and we are climbing fast. Guild level 53 with 150% gold bonus.
We are looking for a new member. No gold/trophy/seals requirement but daily play and costant contribution will be appreciated.
Post below your invite code if you would like to join.

Add me. Roflwagon 1 is my invite. I am a new player but pretty active

Invite sent, welcome

Inviato da iPad

I’m an active player 5 to 6 hours a day and climbing level rapidly, willing to contribute to guild growth as much as possible. Invite code is drc006

invite sent, welcome

We are now top 600 and climbing. Elite III(170%gold bonus)
We are looking for 2 new members.
No seals/trophy/gold requirement but daily play is appreciated.
Post below your invite code if you are interested

Best of luck to you Daniel. Getting to 600 is quite a climb! You’re doing good!

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Thank you, Lyndale😁

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Hi! Daily player here. I contribute what I can, but trying to work my way up so that I can contribute more to the guild.

Invite code is LOKIDUCKS if you still have any room.


Hi, unfortunately at the moment we are full.
I’ll get in contaci with you sa soon ad a spot will be Free.
See you

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Hi all,
Now we are top 500 (in about 15 days we gained more than 100 positions!!!)and we are climbing fast
Elite IV(180% gold bonus)
25000+ seals every week
We are looking for 2 new members casual but dedicated.
No level/gold/seals/trophy requirement but dayili play is appreciated.
If you are interested post below your invite code.

Hello Daniel,
I’m interested in joining your guild ! I’m usually doing 300-1500 seals per week and play daily. I’m level 117.
Invite code: WARZEN

Feel free to ask more questions if needed. :slight_smile: