"We are One" #380 - looking for one active player-20000 seals every week


Hi Warzen,
nice to hear you!!!
I just sent you an invite. Welcome!!!


Weird, I don’t have the option to accept your invitation ?
Is your guild already full ?


absolutely not!! we are now 29/30 there is a free space for you!
I tried again to sent you the invite.
Hope this time will be ok!!


Thx !
working like a charm !


we have one more spot open to fill!!!

Lvl 72 looking for new home full of active players (closed)

We have still 2 open spots to fill.
No requirements about level/seals/trophy but only daily play
We are very active and we hit 20000+ seals every week


I’m looking for a new guild. invite code Mouse_27. I’m a level 90 daily player. consistently 1000 seals per week.


Hi! Still looking for more members? I’m an active player and can contribute as much as possible


Invite sent


Sorry it’s buffalo soldier 1058


Invitation code is BUFFALO SOLDIER 1058 in caps sorry for the confusion


Hi there! If you have an open spot for me, I would love to join your guild! I login daily mostly and trying to contribute as much as I can for the guild. My invite code is KILLOZAUR.


Invitation sent, welcome


Invitation sent,welcome


Thank you very much! :slight_smile: but it seems to be full for now! :stuck_out_tongue:


oh sorry,
probably one of other guild members still invited someone…:frowning:
If you are available, probably this friday a spot will open because we have an inactive member to kick.


I’ll join on friday then! :slight_smile: but you will have to send me another invite, since the other one expired! thank you and have a nice day! :stuck_out_tongue:


of course!!! i’ll send you the invite anew
See you soon


Hi all,
We are now #414 on rank and climbing fast.
We lost one of our members so we are searching for a new one.
We require only daily play and we grant 20000 seals/week, gold bonus 200% and many guild tasks completed.
Apply here if you are interested to join


Hi, I’m a new player at level 89. I’m playing daily, earning 1500 seals daily but cannot contribute gold at the moment. My invite code is LeaderTNT. Do I need to leave my guild before receive your invitation?