We all need a personal Safe to put stuff into and save it for a special day

i Thought it be nice to have a safe where we could save gold, diamonds, and gems and it be untouched until we take it out. Like saving up 4,000 diamonds for a Mythic in the soul forge. Just have the option to save gold and everything else in the safe and take it out whenever we like to. I think it really would help in the long run with upgrades and all the stuff we need that stuff for. So please give us all a personal safe to put unlimited amount of gold, gems and diamonds into. :slight_smile:

Why not just save your gold?


Bank ask for commissions and must be pay for their ‘service’. I dont like the idea xD
Stack up your gold, rip off a piece of black tape and stick it on the upper right of your monitor et’ voila, you’re done


because we can’t save enough gold for upgrades or anything we always have to spend gold on events, guild task, kingdoms, and everything else and we all can’t save up enough to get anything done that we like to do. I thought it be nice to have a bank to save up my gold for stuff in the future. :slight_smile:

I think a bank to help us save up gold for upgrades and other stuff would be simple and fun, you know help with upgrades and all the stuff we need gold for. It’s hard to keep gold when we spend it on everything each week.

I’m kind of confused, the feature request is to rename “Inventory” to “Bank”? :thinking:


Ok oops let me change the post i knew i should of just stuck with gold lol.

I risk coming off as mean or rude but, save your gold and calculate the amount you would need to put into guild and we dont need to spend gold on everything, battles dont require gold (unless you are scouting and dont have free scouting) so i think a bank feature would be kind of useless. I bank gold without a bank feature, play a lot of PvP or e12 for gold grinding and meet the gold minimum for your guild then save the rest, bam banking


Not all.
Why make entities if you don’t need them?

It’s not rude at all I just have to work a lot and can’t play a lot, and what gold i normally make is never enough to get upgrades done. My guild is active and i try my best i just want a safe to help save gold for events guild task and all the other stuff. It would help smaller guilds to and players. I 1400+ player for 6 years now just want to get all 12 task from the guardians completed and get the legendary task activated lol. I just want a safe. :slight_smile:

But you already have that. It’s in the upper right corner.

Or do you want a safe you can not take gold out of?

Maybe you can just use willpower or something? :sweat_smile:

I know it’s sometimes hard, I tend to donate too much gold to my guild as well. But I’d take it out if the safe anyway so that wouldn’t help at all.


Or maybe in different terminology: savings account vs. checking account for gold? and the savings account is not spendable directly, have to transfer it back to checking before you can spend it?

The same might apply to diamonds (hold 4000 in reserve for when that juicy mythic comes around in the Soulforge so that you don’t accidentally spend it on weapons), gems (hold a reserve for faction assault weekends etc), keys (hold a reserve for new-mythic-Friday)…

This all feels too complicated though; there’s enough currencies to keep track of already without multiplying the number buckets we hold them in :stuck_out_tongue:

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I see basically what OP is asking for, I agree it’s not really necessary, but perhaps a feature to allow you to set a “reserve” amount for the different currencies? I do this already, as others have mentioned - I just have to keep track of when my spending will go below the reserve amount. If there was a feature in game to set a reserve, maybe it would prompt you before you could spend into it. Not sure it’s necessary, but I guess it would help some. :innocent:

I favor a bank if we can rob it.


Yes a “reserve slot” like how we put something into a safe for storage. Just want a place to save up gold. I mean sure fight battles get gold and it already there but we have to use so much of it daily we really can get any where with upgrades. And i know everyone wants rewards from guardian task and so after you donate to guardian task there is nothing left. And seems we get nowhere at all. It’s been six years now and i can’t upgrade nothing. And besides the fact gnomes hardly never appear and i can’t get the gnomes upgraded for some kingdom upgrades. Gold is a constant need for us all. Be nice to save up a billion gold on the side in a “reserved slot” like in a safe.

Lol yes like that but just a safe for each player called “Your Safe” to put gold into, like you click on your safe and the options show up Donate, Withdrawal, and it shows the total amount you have in. :smiley:

Just a safe for each player called “Your Safe” to put gold into, like you click on your safe and the options show up Donate, Withdrawal, and it shows the total amount you have in. :smiley:

We dont need this feature, there are many other fixes in the game that are needed, let the devs spend time on them.
It’s like budgeting for your household, just hold back so much gold, simple. I do it weekly depending on what i have in the existing bank.


Of all the things I think this game needs, this doesn’t even make the top 1000


Nobody is making you spend it on anything, it’s your choice.

It’s a scarce resource, so you need to decide what’s the best way for you to use it.