Was this week's event supposed to be THIS hard?

This is by far the most difficult event yet. Working with a guild mate he calculated odds based on the number of elves in Silverglade, Zhulkari, and Forest of Thorns. I started cycling though them.

Based on my guild mates odd’s, Forest of Thorns isn’t worth trying (average is about 1 elf every 2 battles). He calculated Silverglade and Zhulkari and just under 1.5 elves per battle and my experience is bearing that out. Almost 50% of the Explore matches have zero elves. The highest I have seen if 3 and that was only one time.

Even if you go with best case, it’s going to take like 175 battles to complete the event. If you factor in load times, fighting battles with zero elves, and the various methods of forcing the Explores to re-stock, it basically means that those of us who have finished EVERY event have very little chance of completing this one without sacrificing every other game mode. Worse yet, it probably makes the Epic troop reward completely unattainable for the average player.

@Saltypatra, would you pleas ask the team to reconsider the number of stones required for each milestone? This is just simply too excessive.


My guild mate recalculated his odds based on something he missed. Silverglade and Zhulkari are actually more like 1 elf per match. His estimate is that it would take 235 Explores to complete this event.


Yeah, I don’t know why the decision was made to go explore only on this event. Elves are still a pretty rare troop type, so doing a game type with random troop distribution makes this totally unreasonable to complete. Probably gonna skip and do PvP instead…


I can understand why people say they get so far in an event and stop, it’s all about the value of their time vs. the rewards. I think this kind of apathy undermines the event system as a whole but that’s a discussion for another day.

Most people, especially new players, are saying they stop at getting the Epic troop. Getting 3 copies is particularly useful. Therein lies the utility of the event system, if there is one. And this week nobody is even going to get that far…


Funny enough, immediately after posting this thread I opened an Explore in Silverglade and get THREE elves.

Completed it and tried Silverglade again - again THREE elves. Interesting.

So I tried it a 3rd time and guess what? Three elves! :joy:


Yeah I’ve farmed Silverglade almost exclusively so far and it’s taken me 36 battles to get 52 Event frags so the rate is very low. If my “luck” holds, I’ll need something like 180 battles to finish the event. Yipes.


I just got 3 elves in Silverglade for the 4th match in a row. Very, very strange…

Not that I’m disagreeing with the sentiment that this particular combination of event objectives is particularly annoying and that specific troop hunts should probably all be at least PvP/Explore, but I believe Stormheim’s last event took 1000 stones to finish and therefore about 250 battles minus the odd summon. The obnoxious part about this one is mostly fighting triple RNG (random challenge team picked, random number of troops replaced with random other troops) is a bit much for how many are required.

Edit: That, and basically being restricted to two kingdoms to get it done in an even semi-reasonable amount of battles.

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It could just be that my memory is failing (because it is :smiley:) but I don’t remember any event being this bad…


There was an event where we had to kill anything in explore and needed AFAIR 1000 stones. I don’t like this event either (as I don’t like Explore), but I think skipping a match with no Elves (retreating while the beginning animations are playing) is speeding it up at least slightly.

You can refresh by entering into Difficulty settings and then exiting out.

With Elspeth and 3x Bombot it’s usually quicker to just do the match.


I need like 60 arcane Blades. I don’t have Elspeth traited… :frowning:

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Using the diff refresh method I got the 250 frags pretty quickly by mainly only taking on 3 frag teams. A lot quicker than the treasure (yawn) map event last week :smile::+1:

Without a fully traited Elspeth it would be quicker to just skip. I’m doing most matches in around 40 seconds so it’s quicker just to do them plus I’m getting a decent amount of traitstones.

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I use Green Seer / Giant Spider / Kraken / Kraken and it’s pretty fast anyway…

Oh no, sounds like you got -THE HOGUNS CURSE!
We at Mean Machine are getting above 7 elves per explore match.


That is pretty quick even in PvP. I can’t do that anymore I ascended Kraken and didn’t realise I only had 1 copy now.


Previously the devs said ONE troop was replaced, not a random number, so wondering if/when this changed (source?)? Also, my understanding is that the teams aren’t just challenge, they’re challenge + quest (again based on dev commments).