Warning: Don't use Essence of Evil in Guild Wars this week. Lycanthropy is BUSTED

You might think you are shutting down the enemy with Essence of Evil. You’ve just frozen some colors, you’ve entangled them, webbed, the whole nine yards, things are looking good, then BAM, enemy transforms into a new troop, fully healed, cleansed, ready to fight.

Absolute worst design ever. Devs, you should feel bad. Emphasis on should, because you don’t even play your own game, so you don’t have to deal with your own bad ideas.


Agreed. And you’re risking crashing the game as well, since if Lycanthropy and Death Mark trigger simultaneously, the game’s board freezes. Also, please don’t use this information to your advantage and try to sabotage other players in your Guild Wars bracket by setting the weapon on defense. (If I didn’t say that, someone else would have, so don’t blame me for giving people ideas.)

Also, I don’t exactly like that you’re putting the devs down, but I’ve decided to neither defend nor attack them so I’ll let it pass.

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He said I’ll let it pass… :rofl:

A guild mate used it and got pwned by the game freeze bug. This is over and on top of the general bad idea of it now. So yes… avoid avoid.

This may be a hint of good news.