Lycanthropy temporarily removed from essence of evilfrom

You read that correctly! Due to the issues encountered with Lycanthropy in conjunction with essence of evil we have temporarily removed the chance for lycanthropy to trigger when using essence of evil.

We are working on an overall fix for lycanthropy but it will require a client update to come into effect. We thought this was the best option for now, and when the lycanthropy fix is released essence of evil will be reverted back.

This fix is being pushed now, but may take time to propagate across all regions and platforms.


So that explains why everyone are so happy today :smile:

Thank you, Salty. You have just now restored a lot of my faith in this game. I’m sorry if I’ve been giving you a hard time lately.

Good news, but why can’t this be made permanent? Nobody would ever want this effect on this weapon. Unless your intention was to nerf this great weapon?


Soon you will be able to remove lycanthropy from eoe. It will just cost you $10.


I strongly agree with this. As long as “lycanthroped” troops come back cleansed, healed, fully leveled, etc., lycanthropy should not be considered a negative status effect—and therefore should not be associated with Essence of Evil or any other spell that places negative effects.


I agree as well. I don’t think that the inflicted troop should be affected this way. At the very least, halve the level and remove traits and ascension as a normal transformation should do. That said, I respect the devs for their recent gesture.


Thank you, appreciate the temporary fix :slight_smile:

Please consider making it permanent. As implemented, lycantrophy is not a negative status effect. Nor is it positive really, since it does mess with the team dynamics. Perhaps it’s time to add a third category of status effects: neutral. With that, you can add all sorts of gimmicky status effects that are only applied by select few troops :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


You may be onto something, this isn’t a bad concept.


Something was just pointed out to me on Discord. EoE now applies status effects in a different order. First curse, then stun, then the rest. Which is big buff to EoE, it can now inflict all the statuses on an impervious troop while it previously just cursed it.

@Saltypatra Is this temporary or permanent? Also, this is a pretty big deal imo, the kind of thing we love to hear about instead of discovering it ourselves :wink: :wink:


If only this action had happened before green GW day though.

Unless the goal is to nerf EoE for GW events?


Buenas a todos. Me alegra mucho que se aplique esta solución temporal, No obstante en el caso de las guerras de gremio el daño ya está hecho. En en caso de SINERGIA , nos ha costado una barbaridad de combates congelados y de derrotas por tener que reiniciar. Como se va a solucionar esto @Saltypatra ? Gracias

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Si la historia nos ha enseñado algo…es que no van a hacer nada. Cada GW vemos “puntos faltantes” ([Investigating] Incorrect GW Scores) y después de 14 meses no hay noticias.

(Discúlpame por cualquier error; el español es mi segundo idioma.)

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Got a suggestion : don’t think again about lycanthropy. Throw it in the garbage and forget it. Better for everyone’s sanity.


Thanks for the temp fix!

Any compensation for green day Guild Wars?

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Thank you so much!

Or for all the crashes during the weekend faction event?


Great. It should have been done yesterday, before green day in war. But thank you for next war.

In any case, it would be better if lycanthropy will totally remove from essence. It buffs the enemy, but essence must cast debuffs.

The troop with 50 life transform into 140/140 beast. But it should save previous stats before lycanthropy. Lycanthropy works like heal now, but heal enemy.


Lo se… pero es que da bastante rabia… en nuestro caso completamos las guerras diariamente… el rival ha dejado varios combates sin hacer… lo que les beneficiará. Es justo quejarnos… esto no es serio.

PD: Tu español es muy bueno


Even if lycan no longer freeze the turn, EoE will still be nerfed for good.