Waiting for this Flash Offer to come for gems!

When with they stop releasing exclusive 1 time offer’s under a pay wall!

Or at least let me chose what i want to buy and what not.For example let me buy the emoji,title and portrait and let others buy the gems who really needs!

Patience is the key to these emojis, portraits and titles.
They will in a month’s time become purchasable in the chat menu for 50 gems each.

F2P games have to make money somehow. I have no problems with them releasing cosmetics for cash.

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Hope you are right.

Me neither, but don’t suvle up my throught gems thats worth more than the portraits,emojis and titles at once.

At least they released this :smiley:

the titles have never been available after event far as i kbnow…only seen mogees and portraits

Titles are meant to be achieved by hard work, not paying.

It seems you’re wrong :wink:

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Gonna add this here to

Another one…