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New Epic Troop: Metztli Metztli will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. World Event: Sunrise There are 6 battles that players can encounter during the event: Dark Troll, Metztli, Psion, Nocturnia, Pharos-Ra,…

This phased approach has been used twice

  • 7 Sept 2020 Locked On
  • 30 Nov 2020 The Burning Axe

From memory the requirements both times were Tier 3, although the first one involved a new weapon so many people bought Tier 4 as a matter of course.

  • [Epic] Dark Troll: 2 Shards of Darkness [10 points]
  • [Epic] Metztli: 6 Shards of Darkness [30 points] ******
  • [Legendary] Psion: 4 Shards of Darkness [20 points]
  • [Legendary] Nocturnia: 4 Shards of Darkness [20 points]
  • [Mythic] Pharos-Ra: 8 Shards of Darkness [40 points]
  • [Mythic] Zilopochtli: 10 Shards of Darkness [50 points]

Strategy: The map may refresh twice. Troop preference is
Zilopochtli > Pharos-Ra > Metztli > Legendary > Epic

Tier 2 sigils get you to 71-75 battles depending on your Valraven luck. Fingers crossed you’ll make 2000; otherwise it will be Tier 3.


Earlier inaccurate prediction =p

2,000 points x 30 required
Projected points by shop tier - looks like Tier 3 (TBC):

Tier Battles Estimated Points
0 62-64 1590-1660
1 66-68 1730-1770
2 71-75 1870-1990
3 81-85 2160-2270

Here are the graphics to help you this week:

Reward Stages



World Event Tier Buy in per member to close all rewards (based on leaderboard) : Tier 2 (~73 battles)


I’m the king of the world. Not really. They already passed me by. I’m not in it to win it, just bored and couldn’t sleep.


Silver tasks this week are an abomination. Is it a coincidence that we have 2 X 2-3 day tasks at the end of the campaign? Because if it’s deliberate, then trying to tempt those that have already parted with cash to spend gems so they have their shiny new mythic sooner is disgusting business practice


Can we please STOP this practice of having lower rarity opponents give more event rewards than higher rarity? I don’t want to have to come here every time to try and work out what I’m supposed to do. :rage:


Silver tasks are a big neon sign to players “WE DON’T CARE HOW TASKS ARE IMPLEMENTED”. Either they deliberately setup these tasks to bleed players for gems, or they just have it setup randomly and don’t care to check. Either way it’s zero consideration for the players.


World Event Tier Buy in per member to close all rewards (based on leaderboard) : Tier 2 (~73 battles)


100% this.

World events have been out for how long now? Why aren’t the rules in game yet? Why do different rarities give different points. Just…


This design is unfriendly for new players. The number of times I’ve had to explain the rules change weekly, that rarity doesn’t mean anything, that no the rules aren’t posted in game because of ??? is way too high.


There is no “if”. Gotta push that “daily login” metric…oh, and isn’t IP2’s pay now tied to the financial success of the game, or am I remembering wrong?

Because players bumbling their way through them are more likely to need to buy more tiers, is my best guess.

It’s unfriendly for everyone. A secondary site/resource/social media/Discord server/whatever should not be necessary in order to understand the rules and rewards of an event, period.

Wait or Pay. This has been a thing since Campaigns started (the very first one required 2 days of Dungeons, if I recall). This is 100% intentional.

While it may be RNG that caused two multi-day tasks to end up in the same category, the fact that multi-day tasks exist at all is proof in and of itself that the devs want you to have to choose between Wait or Pay.


We’re even being trolled by the name of the event — Vulture Culture? Come on. They’re just circling overhead, waiting for us to give up and give in and pay more than we’ve already paid (whether you’re spending time, or money — doesn’t matter)


I asked Salty in stream once about the time gated tasks. She admitted it’s a way to encourage daily gameplay.

Cannot agree more. I actually started my own guild because I didn’t want to have to be forced to use discord. I do have discord for my guild now but it’s optional. I don’t like forcing anything out of game when it should be in game.

F2P games often have a paid speed up mechanic, and I have no issues with those. The “wait” part is what I struggle with, and I think others too. If there was something I could farm, something I could actively do, even if it’s slower, that’s fine. Twiddling thumbs? Not so much. :frowning:


Gotcha. I was not aware of this since I don’t watch the streams. So, yes…“Hook, Habit, Hobby” at work. This isn’t surprising, especially for a mobile gacha game…I think every one I’ve ever tried has had some sort of incentive to play daily and most if it not all have had time-limited events as well. At the end of the day they’re a business so they’re going to pull on every trick they can to make more money, and the more daily logins, the more chance for you to see Flash Offers, or see that obnoxious “!” over the Shrine button, or view ads…and the list goes on.

I know a lot of people enjoy the Campaigns but this was a reason I quit caring about them after the first one. If I think a piece of content is poo, I just don’t engage with it anymore. It’s the only means I have of affecting the precious “metrics”.

Right, this is a hard gate. I suspect we’re going to see more of these over time, honestly.


Bad enough that the epic troop is worth more than the legendaries… it also makes phase 2 worth less points per fight than phase 1, on average.

Oh and by the time we get to phase 2, that epic team will be about 100x bigger than the legendaries. Excellent.

And then we have that campaign task that says to kill Psion, which we can’t do for the first 15+ battles in here …

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But variety is what players want! Also the collectibles are worth 5 points instead of the boring old 10 points! Fun Fun Fun!!! They’re keeping it fresh! I’m loving it! We need MORE variety in scoring to distract from the fact the battles are the same week after week. /sarcasm.

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In all sincerity, I don’t know how to address this while still maintaining the core match-3 mechanic. I have been fairly sleep-deprived of late, though. What are some of the options to refresh the gameplay and keep it from going stale?

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You could have weeks that rotate game modes. Maybe one week has you climbing a tower with your guild, the next has you battling a scaling megaboss, the next is a high stress PVP mode, then some kind of linearly scaling event where one kill = one point. Something crazy like that.

If they absolutely can’t help themselves, for some weeks each tower could drop a variable amount of cobblestones, with an average of 1.18 cobblestones per tower, that scale by 25% as the tower level increases. Each cobblestone is worth 6 points. After 10 battles the towers reset, and you have to fight through the minion phases again.


Hmm, this sounds familiar…

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Back here for the third or fourth time this week to check what the goddamn scoring is …


Ignore Dark Trolls until you can’t.