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Voice of lower strata

First of all I want to say that I like this game. I was fascinated by a subtle sense of humor piercing the quests and pleasant drawings of characters. I will never forget the moment with the giants preparing an ambush, hiding behind a small tree in Stormheim. You know, I laughed like a child. It seemed to me that everything was fine in this game! But…

Then I came across a very strange distribution of rewards. Wherever you look, the leader gets everything. Finally the strongest become even stronger, and weak players or beginners don’t have any motivation to fight. Look at the distribution of rewards in pvp. This is ridiculous! A person with a 15,000 rating gets the same thing as a person with a 500 rating. And the rewards are so miserable. It’s a mockery.

The rewards for GW also look strange. When our small guild fight against another same powered guild it takes as much skill and effort as when top guild fight against another top. We do not have the best cards. We are forced to invent our own decks to overcome the standard decks of protection. But in the end, we get the same thing as the loser.

Now because of the imbalance of rewards, leaders after become leaders once become almost inaccessible to others. You talk about the competitive spirit, but you kill competition.

It seems to me, it is necessary to introduce a gradation of rewards at low levels. This will create a small competition for small guilds.
And of course, reduction af guild task rewards was very painful for beginners. Old players do not really need these tasks - they have stone reserves, they have the necessary cards. Under the gunshot, the players who just started their collection.

Some words about the Forge of Souls. It is useless. Diamonds and shards in guild task reward are useless for beginners, more useful and universal to get gems in reward.

The argument for reducing awards was the acceleration of animation. But in the aftermath of the game there were changes that significantly reduced the pace of the game. The new AI creates huge problems. Remember goblins, decks on trolls. All this reduces the rate of gold accumulation. Therefore, I consider the argument untenable.

I think everyone knows how many negative emotions are caused by the game against teams on mana -drain? Now, now Psion becomes even more dangerous.

And at last canceling the 4-match mana surge. Now collection of mana needs more turns and more time.

To the last, I will say that I’ve made great job to collect and retain players in my clan, because it was easier for many to go to the already ready clan from the TOP. But with the latest changes, it’s getting harder for me to keep the core of the clan in the game. We held on to each other, but developers’ strikes can break such relations.

I know this is just one voice. But I had to write this. And I hope you will hear me.

LastGrim, Glorious Immortals.


Please share your thoughts in my thread regarding this very topic of GW reward distribution.

Thread title: Make GW fun for All brackets!

I’m on mobile ATM link will come soon if not posted by another! :wink:

Your post deserves a longer reply than I can give right now, but I wanted to comment on the diamonds. Yes, diamonds are less useful than gems are, right now. If you keep playing, you will eventually reach the point where those diamonds are incredibly useful – you’ll be able to pick and choose which Mythic troops you craft when you are ready to craft them.


My post about the problems of novice players. I know that players with long experience of the soul’s forge are useful. But on my 900+ lvl this is not so.


A huge part of this is that the Soulforge is new. If we’d all had the Soulforge since we began playing, we would’ve raked in anywhere from like 30 to 10 mythics of our choice (depending on your tolerance for spending, level of gem income, etc.). This seems like a feature that’s great for players long-term but easy to complain about short-term.


That sounds like you might not have spent enough time looking at what the Soulforge has to offer. As a novice player, I would have been very grateful for the runic traitstone recipes. The summoning stones are also quite valuable for early collections, given that they create at least an Ultra-Rare troop. 800 diamonds will also get you a Legendary of your choice (limited by rotation schedule), that’s far more useful than a Mythic to get you started with a good synergy team.


Everything was already counted. With an increase in the receipt of gems, we simply took out more legendary cards. A large collection is easier to adjust to the changes in the game. It’s better than making one legendary card, which will fall out so soon. The prices for mythical cards are incredible.
I agree only with the benefit of crafting runic traitstones

Just not so. There are some cards that are incredibly valuable and have been for a long time (if not ever since their release). The classic example is Valkyrie, the newer one is The Dragon Soul. Having to chase TDS via Chests, with incredibly low odds for that specific Legendary, is MUCH worse than being able to craft it, guaranteed, after a few weeks. Seriously, the odds of dropping TDS in a Gem Chest is something like .05% (roughly 2% drop rate for any legendary and roughly 50 legendaries). That’s 5,000 Gem Chests to get TDS, on average. Or you can get it in a few weeks thanks to crafting. A large collection is simply not better. You’re far better served having TDS, 2x Kryst, and Sylv than all the Mythics in the game.

For all the shit people have been giving the team recently, including around crafting, Crafting is an absolute game changer. This is especially true for new players that have very limited collections and for end-gamers chasing a few stray mythics. The bottom line is that not all cards are created equally and having the good cards is what matters at the end of the day. Crafting makes that far easier than ever before.


I’m afraid I don’t understand. It looks like English, I just can’t make enough sense of it though. I’m not a native English speaker, so it’s probably me that’s missing something.

“Incredible” as in “cheap” or “expensive”? The price looks quite okay to me, considering you get a “free” mythic about every other month for being active enough. And you can also get one for 10k gems if you keep buying the Dungeon offer, no gambling involved. I’ve sunk way more gems into not getting certain Mythics, so that’s definitely an improvement. Not quite the pity timer I was hoping for, works well enough for me though.

Good. We will stay with our opinions.
The main idea of the post is not in Soul Forge.

The soulforge is a joke unless you have every troop fully levelled and don’t need souls. For most other than end gamer souls are needed to improve characters you already have not to waste1 mil on one that your not going to have the souls to level up once you get it.

I actually quite like the soulforge and i think @Delinquent has a very good point. For specific legendaries or mythics it is way easier to craft them than to try and get them from a chest drop. And i have no idea where you see a card that costs 1 million souls! At most xanthanos (or however its spelled) coats 50k plus whatever is needed for the 3 weapons but all other mythics cost 20k souls… That is hardly 1 million and i was able to grind out 20k souls in a day since i was level 100 sooo… Im not sure why you would say such a thing other than to be deliberately trollish

Maybe he meant to talk about the weapon Dawnbringer, which costs 1 million souls.


Total cost is 1,300,000 souls if you count the three components that each cost 100,000 souls to craft. Still way too rich for my blood and I’ve been playing for 9 months. I still need 900k+ souls to level my troops!


It’s too rich for my blood as well even though I’m an endgamer with all the troops that I own leveled. :sweat_smile: I just have no extra time to farm souls.


@Ashasekayi maybe… But does that weapon require souls to be leveled up? I honestly ask because i dont have it and since it is the only true mythic weapon i could see it maybe being different than the others

Really? *sigh… Must you resort to name calling?


Ok… Thanks now i will thank you to kindly refrain from name calling. If you have a problem with me do as everyone else does and tell @Saltypatra about it. There is no need to speak to me in that manner.

Btw i am not picking a fight, i am having a discussion


I read @Vangor’s post as a legitimate question. Why so hostile?