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Vn4ever (Top 5 guild) is recruiting

Hello everybody,

Vn4ever is currently recruiting and looking for active members who can provide 300 Trophies, 500k Gold, 1500 Seal (minimum) although we’d prefer if you could provide more than that. we max out all guild tasks as soon as possible (mostly on Tuesday)

we prefer members who already have all kingdoms level 10, and if you don’t have all kingdoms level 10 we don’t mind having you in our guild as long as you do the minimum requirements.

leave a message here with your invite code to join our guild.

we also have a what’s app group for our guild members, it’s optional of course but it’s easier to stay in touch and send pictures in the group.

thank you,
Jack Bauer

                                                      EDITED: September 21

Hi, I’m a level 401 player, usually win way more then 100 trophies/week, donating 100k is no problem for me, I have done it in my actual guild in only 3 days! (invite on sunday). But since I have entered a lot of members left the guild.

I’m on another guild right now, but when you have a spot just let me know and I will leave to receive your invite.

My invite code is SKOLAS.



as soon as any spots open in the guild you’ll be the first one I invite. I’ll send you a message when a spot opens :slight_smile:

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Hello. 2 active players looking for active guild. We are now in a guild which lately appears to be way less active than expected. 100 trophies/100k will be easily done since we both got kingdoms leveled to 10. Our levels: 720 and 425 for now.

LostInLust Please give me yours invite codes i will contact you in the start of next week after I rearrange my guild . Thanks

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give us your invite code and we’ll be in touch by the beginning of next week.
YOYO is our guild master

Inv codes: LOSTINLUST and MACHINA. Msg me please so we will leave the current guild when you are ready. Cheers.

I’m still waiting for a spot, level 413 and all kingdoms at 10 right now. Already leaved my guild. Two days ago I was level 401, it proves I’m a very active player. :wink:

Invite code: SKOLAS


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I think @YOYO has you on the list for when he reorganizes this weekend. I think he normally reorganizes on Sundays.

That way the new recruits get the rewards from the Tuesday guild completion tasks so you see the rewards right off.

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ZeroCool1974 can you wait until this sunday ( or monday depend your local time) because I can’t kick any of them before that day even they doing very bad. I must strictly follow our rules like everyone else hope you understand. And do not worry you will get the first invitation. Cheer


Our guild is awesome, come and join in!!:kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Ok, no problem, I can wait. Just wanted be sure I was on the list. :wink:


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lol. This makes me laugh :smiley:

Hello everyone, just a little update from our guild.

just wanted to let everyone know that we’re still recruiting and looking for new active members.

at the end of every week (sunday or monday). we will kick inactive players or those who do not provide well to our guild.

if you’re an active player and looking for an active guild then this is the right guild for you. we will provide you with so many keys and gems every week (especially on monday and tuesday). all what we’re asking from you is providing atleast 100 trophies and 100k guild per week.

thank you everyone

hi there, Yoyo reached to me and i replied to him/her reagrds my interest, and i am still waiting for an invite, thank you!

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I’d be interested to join (at least the waiting list). Any ETA as to if/when I could join?
I am level 300ish, get over 200k per week, trophies above 100 easily. All kingdoms at 10 and raising them to 3 stars currently.
Invite code: AZBRA


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@JackBauer or @YOYO should be in touch with you.

Normally, the restructuring takes place on Sunday or Monday, to make sure our active players who have busy lives, have the weekend to meet the requirements.

Thank you guys for having me! It’s a great guild and indeed very active (even on the chat!).
If you can match the requirements, join us!
Only one regret though: not joining earlier.

PS: (important) we’re rank 3 now!

Yes, I’ve been invited 10 days ago and I feel like home now! Great guild made of great players. We provide hundreds of gems and keys every week if you can match the requirements.

We are number 3 on the league and growing stronger than ever! Come and join us!

Hi, Right now I´m level 469 I think is easy for me to match the requirements I glad if i can join your guild my invite code is IKASTEN.

See ya.