VIP Chest rewards question (what`s inside)

I am confused now about the vip chest reward System. before you could see what reward you can win. but now how can I see what legendaries are inside? because the game says rewards will Change in X days. how to know what legendary I can win before it changes to another reward. please answer.

The VIP Chest drops were changed in version 2.0. All VIP chests now drop an automatic 2,000 gold on top of a card. The reason there is no icon showing what the current week’s drop is due to the drops now being from all kingdoms, not just the event kingdom. Every drop from a VIP chest results in:

  • 2,000 Gold
  • A card or traitstone that is of epic rarity or higher
  • 2 traitstons/epics if the drop is an epic or traitstone

thank you for the quick answer. In my opinion the vip chest reward System before 2.0 was better. because I knew before what I could win and so had a Chance to get missing legendaries…

Event chests can still be used to focus down legends, such as Crimson Bat this week. The rework to VIP chests was to make them more like Gem chests. Gem chests are the best method for F2P players to start maxing all of the higher rarity cards in the game. For paying players, that method is now VIP chests.

Maybe VIP chests are also good to drop the Mythic troops.
I had mine with 30 VIP chests. Else my 3000 glory chests didn’t give me the Mythic troop…

Event Chests: this week I can win morthanis will. at least thats what the game says. and why is then the game writing: reward Change in x days? it is still confusing now. what does Event chests drop? the Card which is shown or also other Cards from the kingdom Event?

Event chests have the greatest odds of dropping troops from the kingdom of the event (Ghulvania for this week). But the chests are seeded with other troops as well. So you may see what appear to be random ultra rares as well.

But if you buy 50 for example , you should see mostly ultra rares from the event kingdom, along with some epics and traitstones. Any legendaries you pull will only be from that kingdom so again this week if your event chest gives a legendary, it will be Crimson Bat. Last week had 2 legendaries so the event chest could give Borealis or Queen Mab.


thank you. now I know! very useful!!! thank you very much…

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