Viewing other players' profiles

Is there any way to view other players’ profiles, from the game, on Xbox One?

Atm, no.

Can’t even do it on PC/Mobile actually. Though friendslist is supposedly coming in 1.0.9, so it’s a possible future.

I thought so. But if it is a planned change, that’s a good thing. I found it weird, almost all Xbox games allow you to open the other players xbox profiles from the game. I found it odd that Gems of War doesn’t allow this. I’d say it’s essential. This way I can’t look at my guild members in the game, open their profile to send them a quick message.

Also, another thing that is missing on Gems of War is options to play multiplayer games online against anyone I want to. Or anyone on my friends list. And invite anyone on my friend list to an online game. I don’t want to play versus offline bots that control real human players. I want to play in real time against humans like in most Xbox games.

Also, it would be great fun to have a new option to send gold, or gems, or keys, or cards, or anything to other players. Gifts, trades.

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Friends list is coming in a future update, not 1.0.9. When we had to split 1.0.9 into 2 parts, friends list didn’t make the 1.0.9 list.

We’re hoping it will make 1.1.0, but no promises at the moment. We want to tie it to the new PVP system coming.

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That should be top of any list…

By new PVP system you mean human vs human in real time, finally? Please say yes. I want to play versus my friends on my friends list in real time but there is no option.

Any dates for the 1.0.9, 1.1.0 patches and will they affect Xbox One too?

[quote=“WildTiger, post:7, topic:3450”]
By new PVP system you mean human vs human in real time, finally?[/quote]
Not quite, though it might be possible in the future, at least on PC/Mobile:

Well at least if they implement first a way to invite anyone from my friends list, that would be a start. And a way to contact other players, see their xbox profile, send messages to guild members. Those changes would make this game much more social.

In my opinion, what is the most fun thing about social games like Farmville? To compete with your facebook friends. Visit their farms. Interact with them. Talk to them. Give them stuff, gifts. Compare yourself to them. Send them provocking messages or help requests. Hence why I think these kind of social interactions are missing in Gems of War and are a lot of fun in social games, and important to keep people engaged, the game more fun.