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Video: Strong Defend Teams for All Level Ranges

Hello everyone! Today I go over several teams for different level ranges made to get a sufficient win rate on defend. Having a strong defend team can be hard due to how much easier it is for a player to win rather than the AI as well as the player always having first turn advantage. The average win rate for a defend team is around 25-30%. The teams shown in this video have around 35-50% win rate. Setting a viable defend team helps in getting some extra glory, gold, and PvP rating. They can also occasionally give gold keys and gems.

One of the main reasons to set a strong defend team is to tick up the defend reward. Every 5 defend wins, regardless of they occurred from the AI or from manual revenges, give a small resource bonus. Every 5 wins it gives bonus souls, every 15 wins it gives bonus gold, and every 60 wins it gives a bonus event key. These can stack up to multiple 60 wins per week for defend teams with above average win rates.



Just a question: how do we reconcile the difference between the “average win rate for a defend team” of 25-30%, and the average player’s win rate of 90%+?

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Because there are people in this game with much lower win rates than 90%. You also have to factor in newer players who have around a 50% win rate as well as people who always go for the 3 trophies who can have around a 80% win rate if they are a lower leveled player constantly fighting difficult 3 trophies.


I dont have Bone Dragon,but i have Emperor fully traited,do you think Emperor-Astral Spirit-Mist stalker and Spirit fox with red-brown banner is at least as good too?

Sounds great. :slight_smile:

Okay,Thank you.

I’m always amazed at how fast you turn around on video concepts, Tacet!


Only one of these teams is achievable on console :joy: ‘Added to watch later’. Down to you, Devs.

My defend team is Trent, Green Seer, Siren and Dryad.


I change my defence team each week. try to have at least 3 troops from the event kingdom. would be cool if you included a defense team that changes by the week added to the attack teams :slight_smile:

I feel for newer players in this game. It would be extremely frustrating to have a win rate that low, which is why I will continue to run deliberately bad defence teams. Nothing brightens my day more than seeing a @Boats tribute team, a single peasant or whatnot.

I’m thinking of switching to an “all funny noises” team. Maybe Quasit, Imp of Love, Hag (just for her death noise) and still thinking about the 4th slot. Hobgoblin maybe, but I’ve got her mythic and traited, which sort of goes against my defence philosophy.


There is an argument that having a bad defense team is a good thing. In theory it means more Revenge/Rival matches which means more Glory, which is much more constrained than few resources you get from a defense win.


On console, I think the argument for that is a little stronger than on PC since our defence wins don’t count toward that 15/60 win counter for bonuses, and I want to generate as many revenges as I can.

I have all kinds of reasons for doing what I do. I like blessing others, but I also enjoy thrashing a really tough defence team and knowing that my team of 60 pound weaklings will show up in their revenge list. If they never see me fight, they don’t know what I’m capable of.

I was thinking that the PvP update would force me into posting the ‘best’ defence team that I could, but as long as I can climb to the top tier each week, I’m not going to be too fussed about a few rankings on the leaderboard. Still waiting to see how things work in reality.

The real prize is the extra 3000 (base, before armor/VIP) bonus every 15 revenges and event key/gold after every 60. You’ll get a bit of extra glory and gold for winning rather than losing a defense battle, but a good amount more of both in the long run for every loss you convert into a revenge.

However, I don’t find stomping a sandbag defense particularly all that fun either. I just hope any kind of change in the numbers that rewards defense variety also keeps in mind that said defense should at least be able to win. Either way you look at it, what is being promoted right now on the min/max level is either copy paste boring defense to try and get wins, or sandbag boring defense to try to get losses.

Personally, I just try to change it every one in a while to something that can still work as a legitimate team, but doesn’t use the “meta” troops. In the end, the entire defense mechanic matters so little to what I’m capable of earning every week in game that it isn’t worth griefing other people to try and min/max it.


I don’t have my stats but I think I probably have around a 30% success rate of defence.
*** mythic treant

  • epic green seer
    *** legendary dryad
    Legendary rowanne

If I’ve got anything wrong I’ll edit it when I get home from work to double check.

I’ve toyed with putting in my ***legendary fortress gates and Luther in alongside someone like a templar but haven’t bothered so far. I’ll watch tacet’s video as I really enjoy those.

I actually had no idea that the selected banner had any effect on how the AI played. Mind blown! You play this game for all this time, and think you know it all… :joy:


The AI does tend to prioritize more to player banner than AI selected banner though. The AI is much more likely to counter the player’s +2 than to take a +2 of their own banner. If there aren’t any moves that the AI would take to counter the player, it will go for its highest mana gain if it is available on the board.

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So going back to the discussion that inspired this video:

Need a Defense 101 Thread

It appears that @Studs was right. You can’t make a late game defend team that wins consistently unless you use mana drain extensively.

Look on the bright side. At least you don’t have to feel bad about defending with Maw, and knowing that 3/4 of your victories came from cheesy RNG BS swallowing your opponents’ troops in a lose-lose scenario. :slight_smile:


I am using Deep Borer - Bombot - Bombot - Black Manacles on defend right now with 50% win rate (20 battles so far). I did upgrade the Bombots to mythic though.

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