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Video: Growth Packs and Path to Glory

Hello everyone! Today I go over the growth packs and the path to glory packs that were added to the game in the 2.2 update of Gems of War.

The growth packs are single purchase packs with high value that can only ever be bought once. They are made to help go through the progression of the game an give guarantee rarity drops.

The path to glory packs are basically monthly subscriptions. The lower pack focuses on a wide variety of resources rewarding a legendary at the end of the month whereas the higher pack gives a wide variety of traitstones then concluding in a mythic. Both can be active at once, but multiples of both cannot be active at once.

I also complied the full payout for the 2 monthly subscriptions, with the only unknown factor being what the actual drop rate is of the 6 instances of 57 mixed traitstones in the Path to Glory II pack.


I bought the Traitstone Glory Pack yesterday FOR SCIENCE! :wink: I’m going to track what Arcanes I get over the month and I’ll know in a couple of days what the 57 traitstone breakdown will be.

Oh good my Day 2 Arcanes showed up in the mail! opens box It’s Stoics!?!?! throws phone across room


To be clear: My like is for the Science, not for the Stoics.

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Yeah, there is a 1/6 chance probably every single arcane that it is a useless pure color. :stuck_out_tongue:

On the 4th day of Glory my good Devs gave to me…six STOICS again!!!
Umm I don’t like where this is heading guys, if I get nothing but mono colors from this bundle I’ll be so disappointed. At least I’ll know tomorrow what the breakdown of the 57 traitstones will be.

I think someone else (they made a thread) got two lots of stoics as well… Maybe all packs give everyone the same stones???

To quote Sirrian…

Quick Q re: the 1st pic Tacet posted … so if I’m lvl 600, so I get everything circled instantly or only the top circle:

You get everything instantly including the top marked circle

ok, can confirm. I just bought the bigger growth pack and got 1300 gems instantly (as well as Famine, which I didn’t have :smiley: ).

Yep 6 stoics for me to. :frowning:

Did anyone else get 6 arcanes again on day 5 instead of 57 varying stones per the icon?