Video: BIGGEST Drop Fail Ever - RIP $700+ Worth of Gems


Hello everyone! Today I open up some of every single possible chest in hopes to obtain the new mythic, Abynissia. I had the biggest fail ever in trying to obtain her using 250 VIP chests to obtain her at a cost of 11,250 gems. These gems were accumulated for free mainly from the old guild system. Of course we get a bunch of other much needed resources, but that was quite a heavy hit for just trying to obtain 1 mythic.


That’s 20 weeks worth of gems under the new system. Something fundamentally wrong with that.


This is absolute proof that the current resource cap is nonsensical and needs fixed as soon as possible.

There’s nothing else for it.


Or it’s proof that they finally fixed the outrageous amounts we were getting and that we end-gamers all became spoiled by it. Mythics are supposed to be hard to get. Ya’know… mythical!


How do you feel about the drop rates for mythics/legendaries being increased x5 if the rewards must stay the same?


There is a difference between hard and what is currently the case…


If he can’t pull said mythic after using 10,000 gems on all those VIP chests, just what is the point in trying with the current resource system in place…?


You wont get anything logical once bland loyalty gets in the way of reasoning.

The video also emphasises why you shouldnt buy resources in the shop… $700 worth :grinning:


Personally, I don’t enjoy hording resources for weeks upon weeks. But even before 2.1, that’s what you had to do for the best shot at getting a new mythic. I got lucky this time, but I’m not looking forward to the next one. Probably in the minority on this, but I hoped they would stop releasing base mythics after they finished the horsemen.


Legendary drop rates are currently fine, in my opinion. Mythics could probably use a really small boost and that’s it.


I think mythics will spell the end for some people in this game, especially if they release a new mythic that’s on par with Famine or stronger and they can’t get it after spending all their resources.


As the drop pool increases you either need more resources or a way to target them. When there were 20 legendary troops, the chances of hitting the last one you needed was 5%. There are now 37, so you have under 3% chance. So you either open twice as many chests, or they add a way to target, such as “only legends with red”.


I would be in agreement to increase the Mythic drop rate a bit to compensate for the resource caps.


Yes, this is the huge problem that most people don’t understand and the devs seem to be hoping people don’t notice. I shudder to think of the odds new players face to get Legendaries to Mythic. A system where cards (that you already have 4 of at Mythic) are removed from the pool of cards you can get needs to be implemented. This current system is a giant rip off for everyone.


The devs said they implemented that for guardians. Why not everything? :slight_smile:


I’d be tickled pink if they just removed commons that were at 4+ mythic state. Trying to get 191 Remnants when diluted by 40 other commons…

And think, if I had all commons at 4+ Mythic, I’d just get minor traitstones instead. Win!


My thoughts exactly. I’d be much more likely to spend money on resources if I knew said resource would go toward cards I still needed instead of all the cards I don’t. As it is I’ve never spent money on resources in this game, just specific bundles of items. If the devs want me to open my wallet more, they need to provide a fair system to entice me to do it.


The other option is of course to just revamp the disenchant system like many other games have into a system where the resources from the disenchant can be used to obtain any card in the game.


That’s my point-the current system is terrible.


That would also be a much better solution. :slight_smile: