Vault Weekend Replacing Faction Release

Hey team, wanted to let you know in advance that Stonesong Eyrie has been delayed due to unforseen circumstances.

The good news is that we will be running a Vault event instead!!! And, in even gooder news, because of this last minute change, for this Vault event only, there will be a higher chance to encounter gnomes. Instead of being 3 times more likely to encounter gnomes, players will be 5 times more likely to encounter gnomes!

Stonesong Eyrie will be releasing after 4.4, so stay tuned.

(Please be aware that Nintendo Switch will still have Crypt Keepers releasing, and that the vault event will run for our other platforms.)



Will this bump every weekend event scheduled or just switch places with what was going to be the next vault weekend?

A breather this weekend, thank you.


There has been a slight shuffle in our schedule due to timing. We are making sure there will still be a week between faction events.


Thanks for the quick reply.
I’m intrigued as to what caused the delay. But I know it’s none of our business. So fair enough. :grinning:
(:crossed_fingers: that this is indication 4.4 will drop when y’all come back to work and you didn’t want the patch messing with the event.)

Quick edit!


Is gooder a word :thinking:?

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Aww sad. Had my weekend prepped out. But it’s gooder news for my gem stash. Let it have a small break.


It’s Friday over here, press the big Patch Release button :3

Of course it is! But only 67% of better. Better would have been 6x the drop rate vs. 3x.

The next 2 weekends are Bounty Hunt and The Vault. So I assume they will be Faction Assault and Bounty Hunt respectively.

Another question: does it mean that the new Bounty Hunt troop will appear not in its kingdom week (Khaziel)? Or, if Faction Assault was just changed with The Vault event, we’ll see Stonesong Eyrie in 2 weeks?

I’m thinking it’s the latter, based on this:

Gooder is indeed not a word but I thought it was fun in the context of the post and sentence. :stuck_out_tongue:


I welcome this change

Now Cedric needs to have an increased 250 gem prize drop so we can all grind Stonesong post 4.4

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Breather, really? Vault event takes the breath out of us, buddy. Gonna grind hard. Good luck to you!

I hope u guys change the troops traits. On 4.4
Or let the hero be on Pure faction.
Or else its gonna be almost insane to complete it

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On PS4 the new Territorium is online!

Yeah, the faction and event are up on PS4. Poured a bunch of shards/gold into it before I saw this post. Can anyone confirm what’s going on? Don’t want to spend gems on tiers if it’ll be rolled back.

same… faction and event are up on Xbox One.