Updated Mab in PvP graphs

True… And adds up to meta being doubly dull… 60% of battles not only the enemy has this troop but I have to use it too…

I am still of the opinion that Mercy herself is only a minor annoyance, and easily dealt with. It’s Maw’s third trait that’s the real problem. You have to dance carefully around skull hits, which makes it possible for the enemy to even cast Mercy in the first place.

I don’t think Mercy needs adjusting. Mercy plus anyone but Maw is easily handled. It’s Maw that’s the problem.


Mercy’s the only gemchanger in the game that is Empowered, which strikes me as a bit too strong. Changing it to Fast would be better. Then at least you’d have to “work” a little to get it ready to cast.

As for Maw: The third trait is indeed the major issue here (the percentage should be 5-10%). Completely agree. However, 24 mana for devouring the opponents most dangerous troop is pretty cheap. It should be closer to 30, as devour is really a game-changer. And maybe it should be implemented that devouring won’t work on huge and big troops. That way you can actually put a tank in the first slot that is not in danger of being devoured by a lucky skull match.

Maybe this is all a bit much if you put it all together (Let’s nerf Maw and Mercy into oblivion… :wink: ) but I fear a really big nerf is the only way to stop the Maw/mercy meta right now. At least then we might be seeing some different teams again…

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Would love to know how sister went from 900 to 600 battles overnight.

I can get behind all of these changes. Maybe make devour 30 mana, take away the third trait for something else.

I also don’t think mercy needs a change.

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Sister had some battles from last event’s pvp which didn’t reset correctly. We corrected this today.


At risk of beating a dead horse, if size traits provide immunity to devouring, the Maw’s third trait can stay as-is. I think the third trait is much too closely tied to the Maw’s theme to be replaced with anything else.

It seems that those over a certain level are having some meta issues, this leads me to believe that maw/mercy is only good at a certain point. Maw’s third trait poses no problem when the enemy does not run the troop in most of defences. I do not need to look at the leader board too hard to notice 500+ using it on defence.

its still a little too easy to devour with the skull troops, maybe lower it to 10% as darkness said. I would cry at 5% though, meh could always experiment, lesser nerf first preferably.

Or at a certain power level.

My friend and I are around the same level. I only have the 4 magic kingdoms at Level 10, while my friend has every kingdom at Level 10.

Since 2.0 I never met any Maw/Mercy, Knight Coronet or Gorgotha teams. My friend? Encounters them constantly.

I don’t regret not upgrading my kingdoms. Seems like a wise decision. :smiley:

EDIT: Maybe it’s the Level 400 milestone that gives you those matchups? Because i’m level 390, but my friend is 420.

Highest level kingdoms are glory kingdoms at 9. So the rumor was true about level 10 kingdoms, good to know.

eh? What do you mean

I’m just one person. My experiences alone confirm nothing, but I don’t see another reason for these circumstances.

My guildmates and I have the assumption that upgrading your kingdoms to Level 10 nets you harder matchups in PVP. As I described above, I don’t have them all upgraded, just a few and I get varied matchups, while my guidlmates with all kingdoms at Level 10 only encounter Maw/mercy, Knight Coronet, Dragons, etc.

I level up my glory kingdoms (kingdoms whose tribute contains glory) to level 9 then getting those kingdoms to 3 gold stars.

My level 142 phone alt faced her first Maw/IK/Mercy team today. She kicked them to the curb. It’s not nearly so potent a combo when the person trying to use it doesn’t have their kingdom bonuses yet.

So she is unique in that regard, that is a great thing not a bad one… Alchemist is the only transformer that generates Gold. Valkyrie the only that generates souls. Pointing out that a troop has something unique is not a valid reason for nerfing it.
Also fast is a terrible trait, people seem to act as if it was half as good as empowered which it simply isn’t.
Being Empowered is Mercys whole selling point, without it, even with Fast she is not significantly enough faster to fill up than the universal transformer Alchemist.
Her cleanse is just half useful as the most annoying frozen application in the game happens when you actually can’t counter it with cleanse(thanks for that Bone Dragon) and her heal is meh.

If Maw was Blue/Brown instead of Yellow/Brown Mercy wouldn’t even be on the radar of the nerfherd currently, just as she wasn’t until the yellow/brown event when people could trait Maw and started playing Mercy with him on a larger scale.


I disagree. Mercy is just a bit too strong and far too common at the moment, it’s not healthy for the meta. Yes, the pairing with Maw is bad, but pairing with IK, or Gorgotha, or Moloch, or other yellow troops is also a bit much.

Fast is half way to Empowered, by definition, though its effect is probably less than half as good. Fast would still be a decent trait on a useful gem transformer and would fit her image / flavour.



The bigger problem I have too, is that I was never lucky enough to get “Maw” and so as a result, I don’t even have the option to attempt a fight with them.

Secondly, I have found that the 3-trophy cheats disproportionately. On a mixed, no goblin team, I had the computer give itself 37 matches, of which 12 of them were 3 and 4 skull drops in a row. This killed my first two team mates and it happened on the FIRST ROUND.

This was so disheartening because I’ve never gotten that lucky with drops.

Well, I managed to get through my dismay and play another round, later in the day, and I kept running into similar situations where I feel like I’m not allowed to win 3-trophy matches.

The whole new PVP stress is pushing me away from wanting to play. I’m really close to deleting the game and maybe returning in a few months when they realize they’re alienating all but the kids who have no other obligations in life but to grind away at PvP.

Mercy was never a problem, literally no one on these forums voiced concerns about her until the brown/yellow event week.
I don’t remember when exactly Mercy came out, but as an event troop she came with her own traitstones obviously, and her Empowered has never been the slightest problem until the Mawmageddon happened.

Alchemist fills in two red matches when you chose a red/whatever banner without any surges, a fast Mercy would need two matches too, regardless of banner and would still need 2 non-surged matches even if you went full Mercy on the banner…

Personally i would drop her like its hot when Empowered was changed to Fast and enjoy the versatility and the mass of more yellow mana created that comes with a universal transformer.
Empowered and the fact that she matches so well with Maw are the only things that make me play her over Alchemist(well and the amazing art, but that is just me being an idiot). Once Maw is readjusted and i might not feel obliged to play him anymore in invades, empowered is literally the only thing Mercy has to offer me.


To be fair, the gold Alchemist brings in is trivial at endgame, so that’s not a selling point. The universal transformation is, of course, as is the Fire Link.

In exchange for the flexibility of being able to convert anything, Mercy has:

  • Empowered
  • A heal
  • A cleanse
  • Blessed
  • Mana colors that don’t conflict with most of the strongest damage dealers (seriously, green/blue is perfect for support)

I would be sad if she lost Empowered, but I would probably still use her.

I really hope she’s spared the axe, though. Like @Gouki said, she was just fine before people traited up Maw.