Update issues

I played all day on the 20th there was an update before my last arena battle. The next day when i decided to play there was an error message stating to use version 6.1 and restart the game. The problem is, it wont restart. How does it update then tell you togo back to the previous version? Is there an available fix?

Your post is a duplicate of other already existing topics please to keep the forums cleaner and make help for these topics easier to locate do a quick search of the bug reports section before making a post so us fellow players can better point you in the right direction.
You can do a search of just the Bug Reports section of the forums selecting this option so there is less to look through when checking
bug reports

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Thank you for the update, but I didn’t come across this post when searching. But this is helpful to me.

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sometimes a clean install makes wonders.
Try to purge the game from your device and do a clean install.

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Thanks for the assist!

update coming soon