Update 99% tommorow

New update drops 99,9% tommorow in the next 24 hours!! So be prepared all and if you can buy deeds with money…I guess put your money bags out to get a HUGH advantage in guild wars.

Have fun all… or not lol


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I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not. In the case that it’s not, I doubt it’s released tomorrow.

In tonight’s stream, Salty mentioned there are graphical bugs with the new delve troops that can’t be fixed until 4.6, and the delve is released on Friday. Thus 4.6 can’t be released before next week.

Lets take 4.5 first!

No sarcasm…or not the main thing there. But we have likely 4.5 tommorow not 4.6…that’s in a few months.

She was about to tell the release date if we get 150 viewers and from the past we know its ALWAYS be the next day when she’s about to drop it. So the chanche is pretty high. She also said she don’t like releasing during GW, BUT she can’t change it sometimes…so yeah 99% tommorow

:thinking: oh shoot… I thought we were on 4.5 already. I stand corrected.

Or…7 days ish from now. :man_shrugging:

I would like that…but I guess not

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So you watched the stream, got exited and you just couldn’t wait. So you throwing a bone to see if the Dev’s slips :joy:
Let me make easy for you :wink:
@Saltypatra can you tell him if the update is not tomorrow/today :+1:



Way better than soon ™
That should be your new official response.


Yes, soon wasnt so soon last time(s)

I’m pretty sure we’ve had exactly this happen in the past and the event was rescheduled and the patch did not drop. I can’t recall exactly what it was.

Last patch players were yelling and screaming that the update was “late” for at least a week before it arrived when the devs hadn’t committed a date at all. There are better things in Gems to get whipped up about, let’s not create an artificial source of bad feelings.


They’re shipping with the bug, that does not seem to imply the patch is 99% “this week”. It implies the opposite! It’s just a cosmetic bug, so it’s not something that’s going to force them to update to fix. So there’s no rescheduling and I feel like Salty just confirmed “next week” is the earliest we could see the patch.

But I’m also pointing above: the devs have not promised a date, and last patch they made a lot of the familiar “this week” moves about 2 weeks before the patch happened. I don’t know why that is but keep in mind if they haven’t said a date, they haven’t said a date. Don’t attribute promises they haven’t made.

If people are going to feel bad about the game, I want it to be about actual things.

a small visual bug that will be going out in 4.5

By the time this delve is ready to be played this Friday, its a high likelihood the player base will be under 4.5. If the update wasn’t coming out this week, it would have said 4.4 or 4.5.

Another thing, Salty was willing to mention the date of the update if her stream last night reached 150 viewers. It only reached 145. Considering how little she’s willing to commit to anything that’s not concrete information (somehow soon tm can mean as little as a few days to a month or more. not really accurate), the patch is ready and scheduled to go live.

Also this:

They wouldn’t be trying to mail us a Welcome to 4.5 mail/free gifts a week early.

I was joking on stream that it was “tomorrow” (now today), but it very well could be today because of that premature welcome gift.

I was expecting some time this week Tuesday-Thursday.


So yeah as I said…probably in the next few hours (10 hours or so)… I was never joking about this…It is always so clear…I wish we would have surprise by don’t getting it

Probably in the next 5 hours. Got to allow some players an advantage by releasing 4 hours before reset and prevent british people with normal sleep patterns from getting a days worth of deeds right? Aka 3-4am for british people.

This sounds like a rant, because it is.
A days worth of deeds is a lot to begin with, like delves.
Long run its ignorable, not short term

Normally its in 1-2 hours when it’s dropping

I’m curious where you expect those deeds to come from? My understanding was they would be available through adventure board tasks and unless part of the update is resetting the tasks for the day, which is unlikely, where do the deeds come from?

And you’re expecting the update to go perfectly fine?
Hate to be a Debbie downer but…

I never said that, but actually, yes, I expect the update to go mostly fine. And if it doesn’t, because nobody can predict everything, I have faith they can fix things pretty quickly. I know the sentiment towards the devs hasn’t been very positive recently, but they do this for a living, they know what they’re doing and they have been doing it for a long time. Unless they’ve suddenly started letting some interns go rampant at the code base without supervision, I’m sure it will be (mostly) fine :blush:



sadly sadly true