Visual Bug Affecting Cat Burglar + Street Thief

Ahoy, adventurers. I’m popping in to let you know about a small visual bug that will be going out in 4.5, and is already fixed in 4.6.

With the release of city of thieves, there are some particle effects that trigger when a troop steals gold. However, these particle effects are triggering whenever spells that steal gold cast, even if no gold is stolen. They are only meant to be seen when the player successfully steals gold from their opponent.
The two troops that are experiencing this visual bug are the following:

Cat Burglar: Deal Damage. If an enemy dies by damage dealt, gain an extra turn + 20 gold.
Street Thief: Steal all enemy gold + create gems boosted by gold stolen.

These two troops have conditional gold-gain spells where the visual effect will trigger regardless of if the condition is met. Please note that other troops that steal gold and use the same particle effect are not encountering this issue.

As mentioned earlier, this is already fixed for 4.6, but we are unable to correct this issue for 4.5. We are sorry for the inconvenience! The gold count listed in game is correct, so feel free to use it as your reference, and not take cue solely from the triggered particle effects.


Thanks for explaining the nature of the bug in advance. I’m sure you’ll still get dozens of bug reports from people who don’t read but hey, it’s definitely a known issue and they should know better.

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The 4.5 update will come with the new faction on Friday ?

For everyone’s sake, I hope it drops at 9am AEST on a Tuesday. That gives them a full business day to watch for surprises, and a few business days after that if something goes wrong with a third party. The last thing I would want is for the update to come out on a Friday evening.

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At least it’s only a visual one