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Update 4.0 Known Issues

Borealis has Ice Armor now but the dungeon boss King Borealis does not. Probably an oversight, change it?


Behemoth has a stronger 3rd trait from 8 to 10 but the king variant is still at 12. If Borealis is getting the upgrade then so should Behemoth.

Omen traits still behaving super weirdly, I don’t know how well-known this is but…


Omen of Nature and Fire on the other side. Hyndla #1 has gained six mana and Wrath has gained two mana. What the hell. I mean, I didn’t even see the gems actually explode.

This happens when the AI has omen trait. Initial explosion correctly give mana to the AI, however any cascades after that credit the player

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  • Pets from scheduled Pet Rescues showing up early in Guild Rescues Fixed. _:white_check_mark:
    @TimeKnight just fixed at reset yesterday after you posted

@Shimrra Thanks, this is a known issue and it’s got an article already :slight_smile: I’ll follow it up with the team.

There is a similar issue here you might be interested in.

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I hope the developers fix this as soon as possible especially before the week of Guild Wars. Not being able to make sure your guilt is correct for the war is going to be a headache.

I deleted my comment cause the devs came through and fixed the issue with extreme quickness. You should be good now as well.


This was fixed a few hours ago with a push, you’ll need to restart the game @awryan missed your post

you ninja post like we ninja fix?


Looking into an issue where the Weapon Secrets of the Crypts is not showing as unowned or owned after purchase in the Faction Event

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I deleted it before Salty could. :yum:
(Wasn’t relevant anymore.)

We’re also looking into the issue where the new Crypt Keeper Pet earned from Renown isn’t showing up in Unowned Pets in the Troop menu > Pets tab yet.

The Weapon is now in the game correctly, please exit and re-open the game to receive the fix.

Sorry about that!


Maybe this is already know, but: The “Ghost Troop bug” still exists and if a Valraven (and maybe the gnomes too) is affected it won’t give us the sigils. Just lost two sigils in the current Delve Event due this, but well, i can live without it…

And it would be even easier to live with it if Wild Plains would be reworked. Just saying…


Minor bug, apparently troop counter in collection doesnt count treasures. I have all troops except zuul



Crypt Keepers Delve Event:
somehow able to obtain a delve trait. Persists through all fights for remainder of the delve. Seems to be occurring with the regenerate and greedy trait



You get Delve Traits for beating certain rooms in the Delve. Most rooms give traits to future enemies in that Delve run, but a few give them to you…

@lyya had a list somewhere


@Janius @Ashasekayi ty for that information, looked through list in gowdb and see that there are buffs for allies as well

I sometimes don’t get notifications about pet rescues. Despite having them turned on and getting said notifications at other times. I just opened up the game to discover that I had 17 minutes left to rescue a Mini Mimic. I’ve been sitting next to my phone for far longer than 43 minutes and never saw anything pop up.

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One thing i notice is that if youre currently in game and a pet triggers, the game wont send you any notifications. It might not be your case tho