**Update 31/8***WE ARE ONE RECRUITMENT(28/30) rank#187-guild level 300-GW bracket 7-legendary tasks

Our guild WE ARE ONE is recruiting one player(29/30). We are a casual but very active guild that is reaching always better results.
We are now 233 on global rank and climbing very fast.
At least 3 guild task completed every week- 20000 seals reached every week
Guild level 188- master V(280% gold bonus) - all the statues level 70+
Bracket 10 on guild war
Discord chat available

We are requiring:

  • daily play on guild war
  • at least 300 seals week
    It doesn’t matter level or gold contribution.
    Apply here if interested or send a PM

You should probably specify which platform you’re on.

did some digging and it seems it is pc/mobile, moved to the cathegory

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thanks @Annaerith :grinning:

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We are now rank 223 and we are still looking for a player.
Mandatory requirements are:
-daily play on Guild War
-300 seals/week
Apply here or send a PM if interested

I’m interested in your guild. Looking for a place where everyone does guild wars, not just a majority.
Lvl 713

Happy to hear that!
Leave your current guild and I will send the invite

we are still looking for players:grinning:

we are still looking for a player.
mandatory requirement: play on guild War

still looking for a player.
mandatory requirement play on guild war

Hi all,
we are recruiting again. 2 places left
Rank 187(200%gold bonus -grandmaster I) - guild level 300 - all statues level 90+
Legendary tasks completed
20000 seals every week
Guild war bracket 7
we require:
-daily play on Guild War
-500 seals/week
-100000 gold(but it is not an imperative requirement if you can satisfy the previous requirements)
Apply here with your invite code if you would like to join (and be sure to be guild free)
See you

Bump! We are considering also guild fusion so if you are in a guild with 4/5 players and you would like to fuse with our guild, apply here