Unique (legendary) creatures - the frequency of some types

I wish to see more (much more) legendaries of the other types (no daemon / monster / dragon),
weather they match thematically to the kingdom or not.
(put it here so u can skip all the text wall if you wish)

i made this thread to get the idea why some ppl feel like there is too many dragons (and some other types that we just got used to) while others are not.
this is strictly about the creatures that suppose to be ‘unique’ boss-like encounter.
not the low rarity units that are suppose to be find common around the Krystara, so here it is…

i didnt count mythics as i feel there is still simply too little of them to have any say about it

lets see the legendary units:

  1. Adana: mech/ dragon, mech
  • Blackhawk: monster
  • Blighted Lands: Daemon,
  • Broken Spire: Dragon
  • Darkstone: Daemon
  • Divinion Fields: Fey/centaur
  • Dragon’s Claw: dragon/mystic
  • Drifting Sands: monster
  • Forest of Thorns: fey, dragon
  • Ghoulvania: undead/monster
  • Glacial Peaks: fey, dragon
  • Grosh-Nak: orc, daemon/monster
  • Karakoth: daemon,
  • Khaziel: Daemon
  • Khetar: undead, dragon/undead
  • Leonis Empire: Knight/monster
  • Maugrim Woods: divine/beast, daemon/beast
  • Mist of Scales: dragon
  • Pan’s Vale: daemon
  • Pridelands: monster
  • Stormheim: elemental/giant
  • Sword’s Edge: human/knight, dragon
  • Whitehelm: daemon, divine/ dragon
  • Wild Plains: monster
  • Zaejin: goblin
  • Zhul’kari: daemon

my definition of what type matches kingdom thematically:
the type that is most common found in that kingdom and its said that this land belongs to rather that type, for example :
pridelands thematical should be - beast raksha
blackhawk thematicall should be - merfolk human
Zhulkari - elf monster beast, Grosh-nak - orc, Pans Vale - wildfolk fey, etc

Total (non-imp) legendaries: 35

if the unit is double type, within the criteria i count it if any of its types matches the criteria, its not a perfect way to count but i thought thats still more proper way:
(also i might made a mistake here and there but its ment to give an idea of general state of the situation so please dont be mad, will correct if you point the mistake out)

Legendary dragons: 9 (1~ of which this type matches thematically - this is the reason ppl feel dragons too common)
Legendary daemons:9 (3~ of which this type matches thematically)
Legendary monsters: 7 (3~ of which this type matches thematically)

total dragons/monsters/daemons thematically matching kingdom type: 7
total dragons/monsters/daemons thematically not matching kingdom type: 15 - this also is the reason to feel these types are too common, for me at least

Other type legendaries, which type
thematically matches the kingdom: 14~

Other types not matching thematically: 0~ there is so little of non-dragon/monster/daemon legends that they all match thematically when show up, kinda

all legendaries that at least one of its type matches thematically: 23
remaining legendaries that every of its type doesnt match thematically: 12

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IMO your ‘thematic’ reasoning makes no sense, there is no reason why the boss of the kingdom should be based on how popular certain types are. That’s not thematic, that’s statistic.

Instead, you should look at the characteristics of the boss, and the theme of the kingdom. Using one of your examples, Blackhawk is a sea/pirate kingdom, the boss should be a sea monster - the king of the sea, the enemy of the pirates. That’s what makes the most thematic sense in my eyes.

Basically, legendaries serve as bosses, or otherwise the antagonists in the game. That’s why it makes sense for them to be boss material - Dragons, Daemons and Monsters. The thematic part comes from other details: Sheggra is a lava wyrm in a kingdom of volcanos, Gorgotha is a rock daemon in a kingdom of mines, and so on.


my point is, i know by a basic untold “fantasy world rules” types like daragons/monster/daemon suppose to be strong and types like human/goblin not as much but i dont think these “rules” should apply here this much.
why? coz supposedly we - the heroes - are suppose to be even stronger then those elite types and where we - the hero- start off the adventure as the most common types ( human/elf/raksha etc) and if we can get so powerful why not more units of these types to become so powerful as well? it makes no logical sense to me.
i wanna see more legendary rakshas elves goblins merfolks and all these stuff. and the fact that there is so many of them supposedly populating crystara is exactly the more reason why at least one or two of them should be able to grow strong enough to be noticable and earn its own name. i mean besides some epics.

its been all fun and proper to have this big population of monster daemon and dragon bosses but its time for other folks to raise.

and i have a very good reason as bringing that kind of variety would rather enhance fun, dont you think?

i see no reason why every other boss must be a dragon daemon or monster.

about the antagonists to the kingdom, yes i agree having one is a nice thing as well, kraken sheggra and behemoth sure do match in their own way, when you go at it you could also put a big tree legendary to fight off as a boss in khetar, or a construct/fey fighting off as the antagonist in dragons claw, glacial peaks flying-fire elemental and so on xD
anyway im not saying those are bad, they are cool and have its place to belong. i just dont want to see any more of these daemon/dragon/monster pattern coz i feel its running out of balance. we are basically getting flooded by legendary of the types.
time for a change man :slight_smile:

I’m curious as to what balance you think is being ruined here. I agree that there should be more variety in Legendaries, but at the same time, unit type is of such minor consequence, mechanics-wise, that it’s more about wanting to stare at different art from time to time than anything else. Spell and traits are much more important than unit type when it comes to variety.

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i think you forgot theme and team bonuses that come from race (it become completely irrelevant later game but doesnt mean it should stay irrelevant)

and yeah i see nothing bad in staring at different type of art, i find getting especially more daemons/dragons legends is starting to get boring

do you want to say that we should keep getting just same type of legendaries for the sake of fantasy-realities? how is that any more justified then my point of wiev

I’m not advocating that. I have very little preference here, and all things being equal I’d like to see a few Legendaries for the Hero races. We have Queen Ysabelle and Emperor Khorvash (by art, not type) representing humans; it’s time for an Elf Legendary if anything. Like I said though, it barely matters to me relative to interesting card mechanics.

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i think that aspect of the design matters as well (while i dont say spells or traits arent important)

and yeah i was happy seeing actual human legend when ysa was added

This game has too many dragons and too many daemons. That’s the bottom line.

Thankfully, the Devs are listening to a certain extent, being that we’re getting pirates and elves and the last few Mythics have leaned away from those groups.

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I don’t agree about legendaries needing to match their kingdoms, I think lore-wise they all work fine, but I do agree that dragons are getting a little played out. There’s only so much variety you can have in their art, especially if they’re all modeled on the 4-leg 2-wing dinosaur-looking archetype. I got to give credit to Sheggra and Venoxia for breaking the mold, though.
Daemons are varied enough in style that I don’t mind how many there are.

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Though the topic was specific about legendaries, it seems you are talking about all troops in the game (any rarity). As such, here’s a list of the troop types that have the most of troops in them:

Human		42
Beast		42
Elemental	32
Mosnter		31
Knight		29
Daemon		27
Undead		27
Mystic		26
Dragon		22

As you can see, daemons are 6th, dragons are 9th. Too many? not by far.

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This topic was about legendaries, as you said.

The bulk of the humans, beasts, and knights are useless underpowered commons and dares.

So let me be more specific, this game has too many legendary/mythic daemons and dragons. :wink:

One can see 2 different sort of Legendary: antagonist or ally ones to the kingdom that they belong.
So yeah, the antagonist ones could be whatever types but I think that the ally ones should be somewhat related to the troops of the kingdom.
Example where it works: Queen Ysabelle (ally) and Shadow Dragon (anatagonist). In this case, both goes well: Queen Ysabelle is quite representative of the other knight troops of this kingdom.
Example where it doesn’t work: Celestasia (ally) and Moloch (anatagonist). Antagonist : a daemon, yeah that fits the theme. But why a dragon? Why not a Pope-like human Legendary? Gard’s Avatar really fits the theme but not Celestasia.

Other point, it seems that when devs add a real dragon, it should be a Legendary (because it’s a dragon) with the exception of Emperina and the not-so-like-a-dragon troops (dragonians and snake-like troops, Coautl). Borealis is somewhat the pet of Queen Mab so why he share the same rarity than his master? Why he is not an Epic troop?

I agree somewhat with @Simon: dragons are a well-defined creature compared to daemons. So there is not so much room for imagination and we obtain less impressive troops. Dragon Soul is not-at-all impressive compared to other kingdom boss because he’s just another dragon in tbhis game. And this friday we will have another example… Sadly.

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Grand Inquistor says “hi”.

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I chose carefully the word “Pope-like” because of this troop. You can have several Grand Inquistor but only one Pope at one time ;-).

Here, it’s the text from Sirrian when the troop was released. I should have choose Cardinal better than Pope :stuck_out_tongue: .


Diversity. Stale repetitive content versus varied content.

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