Unblock the banned by bug on Xbox one

Greetings friends.
First of all, I introduce myself, I am Myrios and I come to “claim the programmers of the game” to unblock the accounts blocked by the error of the last bug discovered in the message of the event keys, and even when I was not directly affected , if he did it indirectly by losing allies in guilds, so I present this section so that members can sign and express their complaints.

  • After all, they only opened the messages that the developers of the game sent, regardless of the intention, the error is the game and not the person who has invested money and time. -

For all of us who have been affected, with rewards this ruling can not be amended, because an ally is more important, it is a friend; a friend who supports his game and that of all of us.

Blocking users only makes you lose the quality of the game and competition.

Saludos amigos.

Antes que nada, me presento, soy Myrios y vengo a “reclamar a los programadores del juego” que desbloquen las cuentas bloqueadas por el error del ultimo bug descubierto en el mensaje de las llaves de evento, y aun cuando no fui afectado de manera directa, si lo hizo de una manera indirecta al perder aliados en gremios, por lo que presento este apartado para que los miembros puedan firmar y expresar sus quejas.

  • Después de todo, solo abrieron los mensajes que los desarrolladores del juego mandaron, sin importar la intención, el error es del juego y no de la persona que le ha invertido dinero y tiempo. -

Para todos los que hemos sido afectados, con recompensas no se puede enmendar este fallo, porque un aliado es más importante, es un amigo; un amigo que apoya a su juego y al de todos nosotros.

Bloqueando usuarios solo hace que se pierda la calidad del juego y la competencia.

They duped infinite amounts of premium currency, and then spent it. They cheated. They really really cheated. The accounts are gone.

If they actually feel sorry, they can start new accounts and not cheat this time.


As you can see, it is not the fault of the beneficiary. Some of them bought packages, armors, but most importantly they invested their time to ban them permanently.

They just opened their mail

They never looked for how to hack, or how to corrupt the game; Only they got the opportunity to increase their resources without resorting to software or hardware that modifies the game.

I know this is new territory for the Xbox players. But bans happen daily on PC/Mobile. The developers official stance is “a player spending or not spending money on the game has no factor in ban decisions.”
@Saltypatra can correct me if I misspoke.

Really you gotta start a new thread? could have joined the other one already existing, you even got a couple on your side there (like the “i would have got the jackpot 1 million time if if i could” rofl).

And yes i agree, isnt “beneficiaries” fault, was Salty pointing a gun at their heads and forcing them to “open their mail” thousand times and then made them spend the gems too… such cruel devs.

Lmao, in dev place i would also ban (or even IP ban) all those banned in game from forum too.

Oh and if they got some things in game mean nothing, in a old mmorpg i was playing whales was used to “exploit” the support and to be kinda immune to bans too, one day they pulled the rope too much and all of them got mass permabanned, and we’re talking about ppls that putted 30k+ euros in the game, not “brought an armor”, spending money on free game give you a whopping total of ZERO rights.


People that claimed the mail multiple times, but didn’t spent the free gems, didn’t got banned, just had the gems removed.

People that claimed the mail a LOT of times (like 100+) AND spent the free gems, got banned.

Exactly as they deserved, as they noticed a mistake/bug and exploited tf out of it.

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Your answer is the most congruent

However, they must have banned them only for a long time and not permanently.

Many will abandon this game in a very proud, although the reality is another …

No matter how it is looked at, cheating is cheating. The devs are in the own right to decide how to deal with it. Don’t like it, move on to another game and learn from your mistakes :+1:

You make me feel as Ned Stark

Let’s talk about “I only used the tools you gave me”.

Suppose one day, you leave the window open in your house. I’m walking by, and notice I can see your phone/TV/something else valuable through the window. I hop inside, take your stuff, and leave. Finder’s keepers, right? I mean, if you didn’t want to lose that stuff, you’d have left the window closed, yes?

We don’t put locks on doors because “locks make it illegal”. We put locks on doors because there are people who will steal things. Stealing things is wrong, even if it’s easy. You don’t want to deal with the police finding the thief, hoping you get your stuff back, etc. So you try to do things to prevent theft. But every now and then, you have to put something down in not the best place. That doesn’t make it fair game.

That’s the argument you’re making. “I shouldn’t face any consequences if the devs didn’t take every possible precaution to prevent my behavior.” If you truly believe that, I want to know where you live. I’m pretty sure I can pick your locks given a minute, and if you deserved to keep your stuff, you’d be using something more secure than a 5-pin deadbolt. Don’t bother warning me you’ll be there to prevent me, you probably have to leave the house at some point. But you shouldn’t, if you value your belongings. :slight_smile:

Or, if you wish, let’s make it an in-game argument.

Suppose I found an exploit that subtracts 100 trophies from your guild every time I do it. I keep it up. Soon, your guild has the honor of having the only negative trophy total in the game. I only used the tools the devs gave me, so I shouldn’t be punished, right? And you certainly shouldn’t get your trophies back.

You’re going to tell me “that’s different”. Right. You don’t want cheaters to be banned if they were helping you. You just want the cheaters who hurt you to be banned. It doesn’t work that way.


It does make the difference between trespassing and breaking & entering.

“Suppose one day, you leave the window open in your house. I’m walking by, and notice I can see your phone/TV/something else valuable through the window. I hop inside, take your stuff, and leave. Finder’s keepers, right? I mean, if you didn’t want to lose that stuff, you’d have left the window closed, yes?”

If you want to change the analogy then do it correctly. You left out the part where some of the people sold the items they stole, and some just took them home to use or sell at a later time. Seems to me it shouldn’t matter if the gems were spent right away or held to spend them later. Which I would bet was going to happen otherwise why get all those gems. Seems to me that anyone who abused the gems via mail should be banned not just the people who spent the gems. Unless the game devs can’t figure out how to just get the items/cards back for the gems spent, like they did with those who didn’t spend their gems. Didn’t happen to me but doesn’t seem fair to only perma ban those who spent the gems. Those who collected but didn’t spend right away had the same intention just didn’t have the time to finish spending them.

I really hope they will release the update soon so i stop reading these ridiculous threads lol


I don’t see what use it was starting this thread. Just use the other one that ran it’s course days ago

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