Unable to Finish Combat(Xbox One)


Platform: Xbox One
1.Main Hero
2.Star Gazer
4.Rock Worm

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
On the final move of the round(When you defeat the last enemy) i used my Bombardiers Ability “Boom” to damage the final enemy, hitting 2 skulls with the ability it dealt 4 damage to a 1hp enemy.

Normally the match would have ended and gone to the win screen, it didnt.
It sat on the battle screen with a chunk of 3x3 gems missing and no enemys on the other side, i’ve managed to recreate it twice(Now a Third time as im typing this report) on my Xbox One, both times i finished off the enemy with the Bombardiers Ability.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
1.Equip a Bombardier in your Troops
2.Fight until last enemy is alive
3.Have the Bombardier Defeat the Final Enemy with the “Boom” Ability
4.Game screen does nothing.


I’ve sent a Ticket in with 505 Games, Hopefully they can do something about it :smile:


Yeah, best to try a @505GamesSupport ticket first. I don’t know how much they’re on this forum, but they’re the ones who handle support for Xbox One. Sorry! It’s been suggested that the mods/devs here create a separate support category for Xbox and PS4 to reduce confusion. Hope you get it sorted! They’re pretty helpful from what I’ve heard :slight_smile: