Unable to download server config & Connection Timed out Server

After the last update, everything was loaded terribly.
He deleted everything including STEAM and the game itself and put everything in place, nothing has changed. Loaded with a bunch of errors.
Screenshots I apply.

After 5-6 presses starts loading

The arena is loaded for 2 minutes, the wheel turns. A lot of brakes with the game.

The battle of the arena is very long, 2-3 minutes

What version of Windows are you using?

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There was Windows 7
right now reinstall windows 10
but it all works under a virtualbox
All this works from under Lubuntu 17.10
virtualbox 5.1.34

Before the update 2018-06-20 everything worked very quickly and there were no glitches of global ones

I’m talking about Windows XP and read about STEAM that it will not support. I do not use Windows XP

  1. Installed windows10
  2. Installed STEAM
  3. Installed the Gems of War

Errors no longer pops up.
Do you have to either rearrange the system or completely play each time? Yes, what is it? I do not like this approach to update the game.

Better, but still there are big delays

Everything again began to repeat, as I wrote in the first post. We must think about these mistakes.

As you can see windows 10 and a clean installation of the STEAM and the game Gems of War, there is nothing to do with it at all.

Problems continue as I described in the first post.

The game hangs on the tabbed troops, they everytime try to load up and most likely do not load, the game hangs tightly. you have to overload the whole game.
When there is a gap in the game, I’m just tormented, not playing.

The truth is already tired!

How else to check what else is not working properly, because of what are such brakes in the game?

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They closed the application with this answer.
I do not really understand who will do this ???

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Errors no one wants to eliminate, it is very unfortunate, but to play 2 times longer has become, until all these mistakes perekltsaesh, play no longer want.
Let’s do something, I do not see that anyone was dealing with the problem.