Unable to change difficulty

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Describe your issue:
I have recently returned to the game and I’m not able to change the difficulty before battles.

Screenshots or video:

I have seen this article already. If you look at my image you can see that the option isn’t there to change difficulty.

What game mode is that?

The option to change difficulty levels in certain game modes was removed quite a while back.

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It’s the kingdom quests. As I’m coming back to the game after some time, I was wondering if it was removed. The link explaining difficultly them needs to be updated?

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The link I posted doesn’t mention kingdom quests as one of the game modes that has a difficulty level setting. Only Explore, Casual PvP and Vault.


Ok thank you.

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@Chicktastic , @Graeme is correct.

You can not change the Difficulty on Kingdom Quests.

The article is up to date, listing;

  • Explore
  • Casual PVP
  • The Vault

As Game modes with the option to change difficulty. Difficulty options in Kingdom Quests was removed I believe at least 2 years ago.


Just to clarify a bit → difficulty setting can still be set for Explore and Vault, but it’s not from battle screen anymore:

  • you pick difficulty on which you want to play Vault on screen where you pick Vault Key to use
  • you pick difficulty(from 1 to 12) on Explore for whole run (5-6 next battles in selected Kingdom)

But other than that, there’s no difficulty setting that gems used to had.