Two birds, one stone - Or how to fix the end game soul issue AND card rarity

Give players the ability to upgrade each kingdom (individually) to an Empire (or whatever naming convention the devs would prefer) with souls. Once upgraded, any troops in that kingdom that are at 4x Mythic are removed from the card pool.

This should not be a cheap upgrade and should be achievable only by truly late game players (of which, I am not btw). I’m thinking to the tune of 250,000 souls for each kingdom.

This immediately solves some of the biggest end game issues:

  1. Gives a huge soul sink - end gamers now have a reason to soul farm again
  2. Helps reduce the card pool clutter (i.e. as more cards are added to the game it becomes harder and hard to get the cards you need) by giving better and better odds you’ll only receive cards you need as you upgrade each kingdom.

At 250,000 souls each, that would mean players would need to invest almost 7,000,000 souls to complete all current kingdoms. If the devs don’t feel that’s enough then crank it up to 500,000 souls per kingdom. I doubt anyone is sitting on 14 million souls lol.

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I don’t think you have established that there really is a problem, outside of the fact that you want troops faster.

I never said I wanted troops faster. The math is the issue. As each new card is added it becomes that much more difficult to get a card you need. This isn’t a 1-to-1 increase; it is an order of magnitude. The time it takes to get a card you need now with over 300 cards vs the odds of getting one back when there were only 100 cards is huge and it’s only getting worse.

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I never said I wanted troops faster

Your comment boils down to this in spirit, however.

As each new card is added it becomes that much more difficult to get a card you need

Meanwhile since 2.1 we get more than an order of magnitude free keys of all kinds.

I would ask you again to establish that there is an actual problem outside of the concept that you would like new troops at a “faster” pace than whatever you feel you are experiencing.

I’m not trying to be difficult for the sake of it, I just don’t think you have suitably established your premise.

Lol no, not really. What I want is a way to help keep it from getting slower. There’s a big difference.

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You are avoiding dealing with what I am saying here.

If one is to suggest a “fix” for something that they view as a “problem”, it is to that person to first establish that the “problem” exists, and that the proposed “fix” is reasonable to address said problem.

@KrudlerTheHorse, no, I’m not. I’m sorry you feel that way but I’ve explained what I’m saying and why. If that’s not a good enough reason for you, that’s fine, not everyone will agree but to say I’m avoiding anything is pretty silly.

The actual problem is there’s a glut of resources in the end-game that are no longer useful and thus no longer worth accumulating.

It leads to favoring one game mode (PVP) over ALL others which I’m quite certain is contrary to what the Devs want.

It’s all about variety. Currently in the end-game there’s very little…


All I’ve asked is that you elaborate and establish that the problem exists. You have not done so.

You are entitled to your opinion, but up to this point this isn’t a fact-based discussion, so I think we may just end up re-stating our points to one another lol

So I’m wrong about the math; each new card added doesn’t decrease the odds of getting cards you need by an order of magnitude? Because I’m pretty sure that’s how it works and that’s a valid reason and explanation.

This is the truth for sure. However, the solution to lack of variety surely won’t be soul farming. I need more mindless grind in this game like I need a bullet to the head. What I want is a mode that is mostly strategy based. This could be Arena if they revamped it and got rid of the blind troop selection.


The problem that the devs probably have is justifying increasing rewards for the few end-gamers there are. This is pretty much why they fixed guild task rewards. It was all being funneled to end-gamers and no one else. The “haves and have nots.”

This is pretty similar to what I want as well. I want them to fix event chests. I should never use 7 keys and get 6 of the same cards. You should be able to get a mix of things from event chests. I’m down for whatever helps spread what cards you pull from chests. I’d rather have souls or gems or anything from chests instead of giving me 2,000 of the same card I don’t need.

I disagree with souls being the answer however. I don’t want to farm forever in this game. I DO however want end-gamers to have something to do with all their stored souls.


Good points but I think part of the dev’s issue is they know there are players out there with millions of souls so anything new they add to the game that is soul related is extremely hard to balance between new players, veteran players and then these crazy outlier players (not that the players themselves are crazy…well maybe a couple lol). Adding a giant soul sink would help to eliminate this chasm and allow the devs to add other soul-based activities.

The unfortunate side effect of the introduction of Guild Tasks was that they created THREE classes of people.

You have the early adopter end-gamers who have very little left to collect and THOUSANDS of resources in which to gobble up every new thing that comes out.

You have the new people who have very little of anything and long, high hill to climb.

And then you have people like me who hit the end game AFTER the guild changes. Like other end-gamers, I’m missing a handful of things. However, I don’t have the huge coffers of resources so I’m using everything I have to scratch out the 1%. It’s horribly frustrating and I’m sure there are others in the same boat as me.


This is a serious problem that only gets worse as they release more troops. I think the best solution for it would be the tried and true concept of having a kind of expansion pack system. @Rasper went into detail on this topic in another thread. But long story short, you could break troops into bundles based on release date (or whatever other category they like) then people could target a specific bundle chest.


This would also be a good solution for just the card aspect but I was trying to find a way to solve two problems at the same time. :wink: I haven’t yet run into either wall myself though so, personally, I’m down with anything that helps keep me from hitting it.


Oh yeah I completely understand that. I think they knew they were doing that though.

I think they’ll hopefully come up with a fix for the chest issues. If not there will be a lot of unhappy players. They rushed to get 300 troops sorta, and didn’t increase any way of getting the older troops. Forget Mythics, I’ve been needing Mercy from chests since forever. She’s still an epic for me. I don’t know how many keys I’ve used, but obviously she just doesn’t drop. That’s a problem.

So if they want us to lean on Event chests, which it seems like they do, they need to make event chests better. OR give us more event keys. Whichever comes first. Event chests happen to be the only chests you can really target anything in. But this is going to become an issue as well when they keep increasing the number of Kingdoms. You’ll have to wait forever to try and pull troops you need. It’s just a bad situation.

But alas I don’t want to just focus on the troop aspect, Ogunther was trying to find a soul solution as well.


That sucks. I’m lucky in that I’m only missing mythics.

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I don’t even know what to say. That’s horribly unfortunate. :disappointed:

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No I don’t mean to say it’s good or bad, I just mean we go around the forums acting like the devs have no idea what they’re doing. They do know, and hopefully realize what they’re doing for the future.

So to assume they didn’t know who this would or would not screw over, I think is just not ideal. I think they did know, but there’s always a plan we don’t see. We don’t know everything you know?