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Tutankhatmun don't destroy [Magic+1] gems [NOT A BUG]

Android and PC Platform:

I expect : Tutankhatmun might destroy 44 gems , and it don’t do it ! only 5 or 6 gems actually

**How often does this happen? : all the time !

I play this team [1220,6812,6946,6074,3036,2,1,3,3,2,0,0,14006] in exploration .

There would have to be 45 gems of your opponent’s color on the board available to explode

I think you’re misunderstanding how it works.
Strongest enemy in picture below is Kobold Knight with yellow/blue mana; also there are 10 yellow and 6 blue gems on the board.
It means that either 10 yellow or 6 blue will be destroyed by Tutanhatmun’s spell - it cannot possibly destroy 44 because there are not that many gems on the board.

The thing is that Magic stat is getting higher than possible gem count on the board, so, basically, it will always destroy less gems than spell description says even if maximum available gems of a certain colour are present on the field. On the other hand, the spell will keep some potency when your magic is reduced and will not go to “destroy 1 gem” instantly.

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If you tried to search for a prior bug report about this then my apologies (I had mispelled the troops name prior and just corrected it.)

many thanks . I see … This card is useless in fact lol


Yes. :pensive:
The designers seem to be anti useful Blue Mana gem destroyers. So they wanted this troop to only have the appearance that it can be a useful destroyer.