[Not a bug] Tutankhatmun - Test it since no one bothered to before

Cast it 100 times on a troop with 2 colors.
At least 90% of the time “RNG” picks the color with the least amount of gems on the board… or not even on the board.
Don’t know how it works with single color or tricolor troops. It’s not my job to find out.

If it’s working as intented then the name of the cast is way too accurate. I feel like someone peed in my Cheerios when I cast it and I feel like it’s supposed to be a 50/50 chance to choose either color. When clearly (at least from my limited experience) that’s not the case.

Either that or it’s magic isn’t destroying the amount of gems it should. Something is definitely broken.


Lol… It appears based on the title change that the troop targets the least amount of gems on purpose. Noice. :+1: