Trophies for Delves 🏆


I have never seen a dev comment on the various threads that asked them to add trophies to raid/invasion/etc. So, I’m not holding my breath for a comment on this one. (Maybe miracles can happen though. :P)


Yep, you are correct. They don’t tend to comment much on this type of thread.
I guess I was being too eager and hopeful lol.


I suspect they have a policy to not comment on suggestions, as they almost never do. That doesn’t mean they aren’t seeing them. I just wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for a “blue post.”


No to OP but…

yes to this ^^^.


Still, it feels kinda off that they jump on people’s “Devs are screwing us!” and “I’m never spending money again!” threads within the hour, but pass on a suggestion with 30+ likes discussed in-depth. It’s probably easier to respond to rageposts though, since they don’t have much to consider in terms of substance.


I think (though this is purely speculative) that any developer comment on a suggestion post is blown out of proportion by the Megaphone of Authority and this turns into statements like, “the devs promised xxx!” or “they said they’ll never do yyy!” and this any message there must be carefully crafted and authorized. It’s relatively “safe” to comment on topics that discuss bugs or immediate issues, or address the conduct of forumgoers.


10 chars.


May I add that they should increase the seals for some of these extra modes. I don’t enjoy playing 500,000 other matches and I only get like 40 seals out of it all.


When trophies were started, you got trophies for every battle except quests, because that’s all there was…everything you did to advance your hero helped advance the guild. When explore was added, you didn’t get trophies,but lookie! traitstones. And when seals were added, they acknowledged that every battle is worth something.

It has always seemed absurd to me that raid and invasions don’t award trophies. They have very little worth for the time and gems it takes to play them.

I am of the mindset that trophies should still be awarded everywhere, like they were originally, except for explore. A fantastically run delve should be treated like a good arena run. It’s not like there’s any economic drawback and it is a good measure of activity.


I think with our guild I’ll either lower or remove the trophy requirement.

Just too much to do and I’m not trying to force burn out on any player


Our guild has a zero trophy requirement.


I’m in the same guild as Eika. We don’t have a trophy req, but we do go after all the other rewards/resources in the game. So, you can have a guild that gets tons of LTs, finishes Raid/Invasion yet doesn’t focus on trophies which have 0 value in the game.


With the introduction of delves, it really has hit my time to do trophies for my current guild this week. I am all for more modes but unfortunately delves can be time consuming and has a knock on effect. Luckily the trophy requirements here are low enough that they can be easily made :+1:


I really like the idea of trophies for delves. I am in a guild that requires 200 trophies a week. I am able to do it pretty easily, but some of my friends that are in the guild are having trouble keeping up. They just don’t do delves because of this.
I am only a few months into this game, and I am really enjoying it, but I am realizing that it is taking up way too much time to do everything.
If you factor in dungeons, delves, daily quests, random pet battles, and killing some towers or boss fights; it can take hours before I can get to grinding some PVP.
I suppose I could skip some or most of those things. I am having fun with the different modes, I just worry that this game will turn into too much of a chore.
It would be nice if I could work towards some guild requirements while trying the new content.
Just my 2 cents.
I know my real life friends that I got into this game are feeling a little overwhelmed. It’d be easier if we didn’t have jobs :slight_smile:


Pretty much agree with everything you wrote. I’m going for the final achievements on Xbox that require you to play delve, but after that I more than likely will just give them a miss.


Raid and invasion are specifically designed as a team effort that benefits the whole guild. Delves do as well but to a lesser extent in that they help make stronger guild mates which in turn helps the whole guild.

I was skeptical of the idea of adding trophies but posters here made a collection of good points that convinced me. The first being that team efforts that benefit the guild seem worthy since trophies’ sole function is to benefit the guild. Second, as someone who like, plays, and invests gems in the new modes, I am sinking a lot of time into them.

Sure I can farm firebomb defenses or take Dawnbringer into the arena to grind trophies but the other modes are better and more challenging.

As a guild we decided to drop any trophy reqs. We saw very good and dedicated players walk away not because they didn’t like it but because they don’t have the time to do it all.

There was a collective sigh of relief when we pulled the req and it wasn’t onerous to begin with. We have players that excel in raid and invasion that don’t do trophy activities especially now that the delves offer good rewards with ingots.

I don’t have a good response when people point out that all guilds are facing the same issues in regards to trophies. It affects everyone the same. I have to concede this point.