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Troops that need a visual change imo

Bastite Priestess- There are more attractive looking anthropomorphic cats out there,Cleo from Heathcliff & the Cadillac Cats for example.

Bone Scorpion- Looks like a kindergartner drew that one.

Frost Archer-Yeah,everyone had a problem with this design when it was released. Unappealing.

Hind- Her bottom half is way outta proportion with her top half,otherwise the overall concept isn’t bad.

Orion’s Herald. -This guy didn’t skip ab day. Seriously,I don’t think Centaur’s can even do sit-ups.

Shadow-Hunter- The face is ok,but even I think she’s a little too voluptuous for an anthropomorphic cat.

All the other troops have great art,but as an artist myself I think these few were a bit rushed,or not thought through. You’ve redesigned troops before such as Ice Witch,and most recently Troops from the Uskaya kingdoms. I still use the original design for Domovoi as my Icon because I actually kinda liked that one. Just my opinion on their designs,and wanted to discuss it.

This is now a furry thread

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I thought someone might go there. This game caters to furrys but i’m not one of them. My opinion is merely from a visual attractiveness,not the other.

oh, ok, I guess that solves everything then


If you aren’t replying to the general thread then you have nothing important to add.

I’ve always had problems with Bonnie Rose’s chest area. It’s just simply weird, not very anatomical…
The other one is the Widow Queen that I found a bit… weird. She has too many colours, and she is just too much for my taste.

These two hunted me while they were on the loading screens… :smile:

Shadow-Hunter is a “vintage” piece of art on this game. Not to say that it couldn’t be reviewed/updated, just pointing out how old it is.

All things considered i only saw a few changes in artwork aside from Urskaya and it was related to some weapons. It has a very low priority to the devs unfortunately.

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And irc they changed the art of war and peace.

The biggest issue with Bonnie Rose is that weird freaky left hand of hers…

i liked the old war and peace art better :frowning:

How did I not notice this hand earlier??? :fearful:

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Sorry! Just something else to focus on now :grin:

I know why Frost Archer looks like that.

Because I’m special and you’re not, that’s why.

… I actually kinda wish that reason was known, it’d shut everyone up pretty quick. But… its not my place. :zipper_mouth_face:

Sun and Moon too got a new art.

We need another stream with people at the office making art for giggles and stuff. Come on @Saltypatra, @Cyrup time to go around pestering people to make new doodles :wink:
Maybe a poll to get some votes on possible themes woul be in order.

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Bodyshaming much?

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I definitely preferred the original Sun&Moon / War&Peace / Fire&Ice art… hey! Fire&Ice is still the same, AKA good-looking…

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Because there is an emotional background story that would, maybe, make us ashamed of past comments about a piece of art that is not good?
Let me guess: The artist in question has a disability, and even Frost Archer is a great achievement as his/her first aproved art for the game?

I like the Frost Archer.

Thorn Knight and Shadowblade though… :grimacing:

One of the Devs drew it?

I just noticed this when I’m starting to use this weapon a lot as Krystenax’s replacement.


It makes sense that Merlantis Trident-type weapon to do almost full AoE damage: deal damage to 3 connected troop. Except this one actually got 4 pointy prongs!