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Troops can still cast when dead

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
When a troop dies, it shouldn’t still be able to cast its spell.
What are the steps to make it happen again?
Fill a troop on the brink of death. Bring up its cast screen during the AI’s turn and then though it dies. You’ll still be able to cast.
Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!


Preferably, fix it before the next GW. Before certain guilds can exploit it to their benefit.
And I finally understand how some were able to have success in the raids last week. (Not all of you, but surely some of you. :wink:)

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On console you can’t select a troop on AI turn :stuck_out_tongue:


Mr. Gervais…I clearly put this under PC/mobile. :wink:

Maybe you could give the thread a title that actually describes the issue, to help the support team notice and deal with it?

I tried.
I went with the recommended one instead.

We’re aware of the issue :slight_smile:

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They are aware, they can’t fix it, and of course fixing something else broke this. It was being able to click cast once turn changes.

When did we say we can’t fix this sorry?

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Is it fixed yet?
No, it is not.

But here is what caused the bug.

Ok, thanks for clarifying, to me “we can’t fix this” isn’t the same as “it isn’t fixed yet”.

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It’s not on the known bug list, and you need a patch to fix this.

Do the pc/mobile devs not talk? In console land devs specifically removed being able to select troops when not your turn to prevent this type of bug.

Protip: Sunbird is going to be your most valuable troop in GW next week.

It’s a known issue that they don’t want players to know about.
(Any idea or thoughts in this post are that of my own. They do not reflect the words said by any dev to me. In neither a public or private conversation.)

To footnote awryan’s point:

The reason I said Sunbird will be your MVP in GW is if you use this new feature, it can’t die. I mean, the opponent can kill it, but after you cast it will resurrect itself. You will go 5/0 every GW day you use Sunbird.

You’re welcome.


Im glad i am on console :slight_smile:

I think that focusing on minor points are a poor diversion (semantic focus) away from the actual issue, which is the bug.

This should not be a secret, THAT is what makes things like this (that can be exploited) unfair. If everyone knows about it, then we’re all on a level playing field again.

I think this bug is a big one, and GW will essentially be broken this week if it’s not fixed.

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I’ve forgotten in a day. Remind what platform are you on?

(Any idea or thoughts in this post are that of my own. They do not reflect the words said by any dev to me. In neither a public nor private conversation.)

Lol just messing with you bro

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