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Trick or Treat? Infernal King gives out toothbrushes and floss, avoid

I just had to kill 3 Infernal Kings back to back. One from normal team play, and 2 from spawning after death. Is this some kind of sick joke Devs?!

I won, but barely. IK is that neighbor on the block that you want to avoid. I’m ready to roll this suckas house and egg his car.

lol I know at least part of this post is in jest but I can’t tell if you’re serious about your question re: IK respawning. If you are (and I’m understanding you correctly) the answer is yes. As far as I know, his trait gives him a 25% chance to respawn each and every time he’s killed. Him doing it twice in a row is rare but not unheard of.

I’ve had him do it 4 times in a row before. What a troll.


Yeah I knew it was a normal part of play, just simply here to point out how much of a bastard he is.

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lol I didn’t notice that was you; your new pic tricked me. Guess that means I’m too sleepy for the internetz. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve heard he is in cooperation with the purple imp!


to me statistics are something like this:
8/10 times IK doesnt revive
1,5/10 times IK revies 3 times
0,5/10 times IK revives 1-2 times
never seen it revive 4+ times :stuck_out_tongue:

so id say if he revives expect him to do it again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am passing out 310 pieces of candy this year…if i do not eat it all first.

Why 310 specific pieces? All the bag allows? If you run out of candy, start handing out money.

My local aldi store had bags of candy for sale at 10/11/12 dollars starting at 90 pieces for the 10 price. I bought multiple bags.

Don’t remember where you’re from Killerman, but we just got an Aldi in my city in Merica.

Oh nice, i hope it is as cheap as my aldi in my state, there are 4 aldi in a 20 mile radius of each other and that is being generous (miles not aldi stores), and we have a costco moving into the area. I have heard great thins about costco, i hope it is as good as rumors suggest. (U.S.A. mate, we live in the same country isn’t that sweet?)