Trials Merlantislvl 225

@Bramble How to do that???


At 225, you should technically have enough firepower to survive that. But as for a real strategy, I don’t know what to tell you.

It was a dick move for them to put Lamprey in the first enemy slot.

1a. Since it’s stealthy, you can’t move it with Mantis Shrimp.
1b. Since it’s stealthy, you have to kill it with splash. and… you really have to kill it with Splash.
2. It does 2x skull damage against Merfolk, which is the entire player team.
3. It has a 30% chance to devour a Blue troop, which is 3 of the player’s team. If you have a troop get devoured, there’s no chance to recover with that kind of stat increase.

Imagine getting hard-countered by one troop by dev choice and calling it a teaching mechanic for new players.

  1. Since Coral Golem is completely mana blocked, you can’t rely on their team submerging to make double skull damage vs submerge matter until after Lamprey is dead. Dead strategy.
  2. Kuotani is 100% a wasted troop on the player team despite being unblocked on both Green or Brown. It doesn’t do anything worth taking a slot on the team.

6. Since Leviathan can dispel, the hint is 100% worthless. Why submerge when the only troop that does teamwide damage can get around it?

The best strategy at this point is to use a GAP lmao.

Technically, the player can do Waverider things and play it like The Labyrinth delve, but the Leviathan dispel is problematic and might make that impossible by Epic Trial 5…

Theoretical strategy is something like Kuotani (useless), Waverider, Mantis Shrimp, Triton. Mantis Shrimp the Leviathan and pray you don’t get chain skulled with Waverider’s barrier effect. idk.

If I had to design this team… there’s a perfectly good Merlion, Nimue, and Azura asking to be used. Leviathan would make it possible to shuffle Lamprey and not make this delve toxic. Coral Golem front line? Even Cyrene would be useful… Basically, everything but the troops they chose.

Anyways, good luck!

@Kafka Does the dev team know by now how problematic a majority of these Trials are?


Thank you for your effort!!! :sweat_smile::v:On level 225 i did it. :grinning:


Yeah its pretty bad. I can’t do 300 or 350.


I stopped at 275! :rage::joy:

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Struggling to pass 350. I have tried for 2 days for several hours and failed miserably. The only reason why and how I have made it through this far is thanks to battleclashers and hours of work. There has a been a bug report already on this and Devs are looking into it. Hopefully it will be fixed or adjusted appropriately by the end of this week.


I think no. :sweat_smile:


For the first part of the fight, my strategy while Lamprey is alive is to put Mantis Shrimp up front (to have it there as long as you can), and cast Waverider on all the blue troops to stave off the chance of getting devoured.

Once you kill Lamprey, the goal with Waverider becomes to use his healing to keep the blue troops alive as long as possible - Leviathan’s AoE damage is the main threat. Use Mantis Shrimp’s spell to bring a submerged troop to the front line and chip away with Shrimp’s boosted skull damage if the Shrimp is somehow in the first slot. Otherwise, Shrimps order-changing is still useful to move Golem to the back and let your skull damage actually matter.

You likely win once you kill Leviathan, though the game becomes a slow battle of attrition (because Coral Golem heals so damn much and you have no board control on your team whatsoever).

EDIT: At the higher levels, denying blue and brown to the enemy team becomes the most important thing - Leviathan’s damage becomes too much for Waverider to reliably heal in between casts. Otherwise, most of the above strats hold.

I found Shrimp’s spell to be less useful to cast, unless it is in the first slot, than I initially thought. Skull damage from your other troops matters less than mana/board management at the higher levels, and Golem being in front has the benefit of partially mana-blocking Leviathan.