Treasure Guardian Community Drop Rates


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Area 5:

Epic: x2 Token of Orpheus

Looking like just 1 in Area 5, will find out tomorrow.

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legendary: 3 arcane swamp traitstones
common: 1 torch
common: 1 torch
common: 20 shards

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rare: 1 token of gaard
rare: 10 writs
epic: 2 wild trinkets
ultrarare: 2 torches
common: 2 minor fire traitstones

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=Area 1=
Rare: 1 x Token (Nysha)
Rare: 10 x Jewels (Sapphires)
Epic: 2 x Trinkets (Hex)

=Area 2=
Rare: 10 x Jewels (Garnets)
Ultra-rare: 2 x Torches

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Area 6:

Epic: x2 Token of Orpheus


Common: 20 Shards
Common: 2 Minor Water Traitstones
Common: x1 Token of Yasmine
Common: x1 Token of Orpheus
Common: 1 Torch
Rare: x1 Token of Orpheus
Rare: 2 Torches
Rare: 3 Minor Nature Traitstones
Epic: x2 Token of Orpheus
Epic: x2 Token of Orpheus
Mythic: 1 Lantern

11 Guardians: 3,3,0,3,1,1. Full map scouted at 134. Lots of zzzs to be had.

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8 treasure rooms, 11 empty ends this week.

5 garnets
1 token of Yasmine
1 token of Orpheus

2 torches
2 token of Nysha
2 token of Gaard

20 rubies

1 Undead Sentinel (from Elemental Sentinel room which further convinces me that any sentinel troop card may drop from any sentinel room.

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–Token of Nysha x1
–Minor Magic Traitstone x2

–Torch x2
–Torch x2

–Garnet x20

–Bone Trinket x3
–Torch x3

Also had the rare Boss AND Merchant on room 6 in the same side path. Junction on room 5 which revealed both lol.

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3 arcane stones

1 Vault key

2 Gaard
3 runic stones
2 Torches

3 minors
10 emeralds
10 writs LOL

20 Shards

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Common - 20 Shards
Common - 5 Sapphires
Common - 1 Torch
Rare - 3 Minor Narture Traitstones
Rare - 10 Rubies
Rare - 2 Torches
UR - 2 Token of Nysha
UR - 2 Wild Trinkets
Epic - 2 Frost Trinkets

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legendary: 3 wild trinkets

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Common: 20 Shards.
Common: 5 Amethysts.
Common: 5 Sapphires.
Common: 5 Amethysts.
Rare: 1 Token of Aranea.
Ultra-Rare: 2 Torches.
Ultra-Rare: 3 Runic Fire Traitstones.
Ultra-Rare: 2 Wild Trinkets.
Ultra-Rare: 3 Runic Nature Traitstones.
Epic: 2 Tokens of Aranea.
Epic: 1 Vault Key.
Epic: 20 Rubies.

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Common - 20 shards
Ultra rare - 2 torches
Mythic - 3 Aranaea tokens

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Burning cache = Giant Sentinel


Yikes, I messed up this week. I knew I hadn’t made it as far as I should yesterday, but still didn’t buy a 3rd pack of torches. I had to purchase 3 today and barely finished Underspire. Left at least 1 Guardian room unexplored. Anyway, my week’s (week of Nov 20) results:

  • Epic = Token of Yasmine x2
  • Rare = 10 Rubies
  • Common = 2 Minor Nature Traitstones
  • Epic = Token of Yasmine x2
  • Ultra-Rare = 20 Garnets
  • Common = 2 Minor Earth Traitstones
  • Common = 20 Shards
  • Rare = 3 Minor Earth Traitstones
  • Ultra-Rare = Token of Gaard x2
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My results from this week:

Rare (area 1): 10 amethyst
Rare (area 1): 10 amethyst – yes, same result, same rarity, different chest
Common (area 2): token of Orpheus
Legendary (area 2) 3 torches
Ultra Rare (area 2): 2 Token of Anu
Ultra Rare (area 2): 2 frost trinkets
Epic (area 4): Vault Key
Common (area 4): 2 minor earth traitstones
Rare (area 4): 2 torches
Ultra Rare (area 5): 2 Token of Orpheus
Ultra Rare (area 6): 2 Token of Anu

The best way to get me to spend more Gems on torches when I’m just finishing up on Sunday and then hunting Guardians? Have the last torch I use drop me next to at least one Guardian, thus triggering something within me to spend the Gems on the spot to take another swing at this roulette wheel.

Got a question for those of you who might care to answer: Do you do the Guardians as you find them during the week, or do you leave them until you’ve finished Diamantina and only then go back to play whack-a-mole with them (and then to spend any remaining torches looking for more Guardians)?

I’m just curious as to how others go about this process. Because I’ve been one of those “leave the Guardians alone until everything else is done” guys.

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If I plan on finishing the underspire, that is the number one priority. I’d rather miss out on a sentinel or 2 than miss out on diamantina. If I plan on NOT finishing the underspire, i do them as I go.

I have done it both ways, it consistently costs me 1050 gems per week either way. The main thing is that if you finish defeating the bosses first and then go back, you have to make sure to buy 2 torch packs every day, (even if you don’t need them in the moment) so you can complete the entire map.

If you have a truncated map one week with fewer than normal rooms, of course you would notice and not buy torches you wouldnt end up needing.

This week I did a hybrid approach - if I found a treasure room while looking for a boss, and I didn’t have to open any additional rooms to get to it, I just opened it along the way - figuring if torches were the prize that would be useful sooner rather than later. Ironically, I got 3 torches from section 6, so I was glad I still had some unexplored paths to go back to.

YMMV of course