Treasure Guardian Community Drop Rates

The 7.2 update introduced Treasure Guardians as a random encounter on some Underspire dead-ends. This thread serves to gather data regarding drop chances from the chest these guardians drop.

If you post your data on multiple threads, please link to it on this one. This helps to avoid double-counting your data.

If you’d prefer, record your data on the GoW Alliance Discord in the dedicated thread OR comment your data on my spreadsheet.


Encountered a Rare/green one and fought it out of curiosity. Probably won’t fight any more until I finish this week’s Underspire and see what torches I have left.


my 2 token of anu were from the ultra-rare room. currently listed under rare on that sheet. unless someone else found that?

Underspire - won torches not added

I won 3 torches but got zilch. :sweat_smile:

2 torches were from ultra-rare, 1 torch was from common.

Data from Discord and the forum currently up to date as of here.

I wonder if the drop pool is the same, but the only difference being quantity and type upgrade (so traitstones → higher traitstones, torches → lantern?) ?

just speculation

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From someone in our discord: Third sentinel (mythic) got me a LANTERN!

Up to date


3 Resistance Trinkets


1 Token of Gaard

Has anyone found more than 2 Treasure Guardians per area?

I did. Two of them on my 3rd zone. An Ultra-Rare that drop one Anu token, and an Epic that drop jewels.

It’s a long path split in two right from the main path, next to the previous gate.

Also, for data collection - I found 4 total so far. One from each previous zone. They’re a common that drop minor traitstone, and a mythic that drop 5 Diamonds.

I mean, more than 2 as in 3+. I’ve found 2 in 3 of the 4 sections I’ve been in so far, though I haven’t full explored every possible dead end.

You’re sure it was just one Anu token? Someone else said they got a drop of 2 Anu tokens from a UR room. It’s not yet clear whether amounts are variable within room rarities.

Do you remember how many jewels your Epic dropped, and/or what kind of jewels?

Common chest: 1x Aranaea token


Ultra-Rare: 2 Anu token
Common: 10 writs
Rare: 10 topaz
Ultra-Rare: 3 Aranea token
Ultra-Rare: 2 Nysha token
Epic: 2 Hex trinkets
Epic: 2 Death trinkets


2 bone trinkets in a rare room, 2 torches in an epic one.

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Up to date.

Not much to say about it with this little data. It’s possible that torches may be somewhat more likely than other rewards, but I can’t say for certain.

Keep em coming, folks!


Common: 20 Shards
Common: 1 Torch

and it looks like I actually got the torch after opening the chest (7->6->7), but then went from 7 → 5 after one battle, so I didn’t get the torch. Good thing there was already a bug report.

Rare: 10 Garnets


No, I’m not. :sweat_smile: It was likely 2, and I didn’t pay enough attention. Didn’t really remember the amount for them all, so not good for data collection…

Sorry for the confusion, I replied too fast without reading carefully first.

It seems 2 each zone might be a limit though, so I really want a case that disprove it. If this theory is true, then there will be only 12 Treasure Guardians to find each week, and that would make getting all 6 Guardian troops quite tricker than expected.

dont worry, I actually just found a 3rd one in area 5 like moments after you posted. It’s probably a good thing, but I actually don’t know.

2 in every section would have been easier. random amount makes it hard to budget going for them blind or just fight the ones I’ve already seen and not search for more.


Ultra-Rare: 2 Frost Trinkets

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